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Moving Safety Tips During COVID-19

by Apr 30, 2020

We don’t have to give you the scoop on Coronavirus. It’s had a global impact and by now, no matter who you are or where you live, you’ve heard or seen it in some capacity. 

Rather, you’re likely trying to make life “work” while the pandemic continues. That’s no easy task, depending on where you live, as many places have instituted emergency declarations, curfews, and even mandatory quarantines. The primary reason is because without a cure, the CDC is firmly recommending everyone to abide by “social distancing” and limiting exposure to others.

Entirely doable. However, there are situations in which a person has no choice but to go out. What if you have to move, and, in your circumstance, there’s no way around it? While many plans have been frozen, for those that can’t change anything, Mobile Attic has some safety tips for moving, storage, and outdoor travel.

Get gloves and cloth masks

Is it really that surprising? By now you’ve heard recommendations to get protective gear, but it bears repeating. If you have to go in public places or head outdoors, have cloth masks and gloves ready. This will significantly reduce risk factors and prevent exposure to the virus.

Be wary of symptoms (or lack of)

One thing that’s made COVID-19 so dangerous and something to keep in mind when moving or storing items, is to understand the virus is asymptomatic. It’s been reported those infected do not show symptoms for up to 5-15 days. So, even if you go places where obvious symptoms aren’t present, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. 

Understand the threat level

COVID-19 has been lethal to people for various reasons, and while it has a fairly high recovery rate of around 80 percent, it’s no less dangerous. Viral load is the key factor here, meaning, excessive exposure in a short period of time. Again, for the reason we listed above, you need to be cautious of this when moving.

Keep hand sanitizer with you

Whether you have protective gear or no, always have hand sanitizer on standby, especially when touching different surfaces. A move means you’re in different environments over a period of time. Since we mentioned the dangers of viral load, you need to avoid it at all costs. Hand sanitizer will reduce your risk of catching Coronavirus when you touch multiple surfaces.

Only get help when everyone has protective gear

The tough thing about moves is you may need help. However, you’ll want to make sure anyone giving you a hand has gear of their own. The more potential vectors of infection there are, the more danger is brought to yourself and others. When in doubt, take the safest route.

So there you have it, some simple but essential tips if you’re storing inventory or moving. Keep an eye on local news regarding the pandemic and always practice personal safety first.

If you’d like information on how mobile storage pods can help you, contact Mobile Attic today.