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Moving the Business? Mobile Storage Can Help

by Jan 29, 2021

At Mobile Attic, we talk about the benefits of moving for numerous reasons. But, mobile pods can help not just with living situations, but businesses too. No matter the size of your enterprise, if you need convenient, transportable storage spaces, they offer a range of benefits.

Consider too how difficult a transition can be. If you’re opening new locations, they have to be prepped with inventory, furnishings, and decor. That’s ignoring everything else such as utilities, infrastructure, and security. As management, you have your work cut out for you even before a single item’s been sold. So, why not make one large part of the process entirely painless?

What can a mobile pod do for my business?

Time is money, and time isn’t what you have plenty of. Ignoring the problems presented by COVID-19 and the need for safety, shifting locations or starting a new chain is both resource intensive and time consuming. We don’t need to tell you all the various notches and nodes to check off to get an enterprise on its feet.

But a mobile pod is an invaluable time-saving tool. For starters, it provides a convenient access point for inventory. Unlike stationary storage, you’re not limited by distance or size. In other words, regular storage solutions are one: not ideally designed for business needs and two, only in one set location. That means if you need to store inventory, supplies, or other relevant enterprise inventory, you must travel to said location which quickly adds up time.

Since mobile pods can come to you within their respective service area, that entire problem is resolved. Mobile pods not only have a variety of sizes to accommodate various needs, but multiple pods can be ordered for transportation and storage. Additionally, professional crews will take said pods to and from locations. In a normal scenario, that responsibility falls on the enterprise and its staff which, again, adds up time cost. But here, you can see that issue addressed.

Pods also provide a safe and secure option for both supply protection and keep staff distanced. Pods reduce the amount of human interaction too, which is a necessity for safety regarding the Coronavirus. And, each pod is easy to secure with locks and built with stainless steel, safeguarding the supplies from potential theft and weather conditions. 

So, as you can see, mobile pods address various concerns companies have when considering a transition. From safely transporting supplies in a timely, safe fashion to providing a point of storage for organization purposes, there’s no reason to not use them. They save on time and money, both which you’re short on when making a business transition.

To learn more about what mobile storage pods can do for you, contact Mobile Attic for additional information.