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Moving to Columbia, SC? Here’s what you need to know

by Jul 18, 2022

Moving to Columbia, SC? Here’s what you need to know

If you’ve chosen Columbia, South Carolina as your newest home, then let us be the first to welcome and congratulate you! South Carolina shares a rich history with beautiful wildlife and beach vistas, making it a natural draw for those who want sights and substance. Some also find a great home, new job opportunities, and excellent education options, ideal for families or those getting into the world. As the capital of South Carolina, Columbia is a proud gem of the state, a great place to visit or make your home. 

However, whatever your reason is, we’re here to help with some things to know before you start the moving process. 

A beautiful locale

Like we mentioned, South Carolina is a true beauty of the southeast, enriched with various fauna and flora intermixed with historic buildings and bustling streets. It’s a major tourist attraction and one of the primary economy drivers, but Columbia has a lot to offer. Job offerings are as vibrant as the trees inhabiting the history-laden streets, and there’s prospects for everyone. Needless to say, opportunity awaits. 

What about the weather?

Do you like sunshine, temperate springs, sizzling summers and storms? That about sums up South Carolina and Columbia too. If you’re a fan of autumn or colder seasons, put away those winter boots, because snow doesn’t fall here. For some, that’s a deal breaker, but for other movers, that’s ideal. Just as long as you’re willing to yield to a tropical storm now and again, because they do pay a visit. Columbia is farther from the coast, but it’s still subject to serious seasonal storms.

What’s there to do?

What isn’t there? Columbia is home to numerous parks, sights, local flavors, taverns, art streets, festivals, and events (the South Carolina State Fair comes to mind). Major tourist attractions are at your disposal, and the various historical places and museums present in Columbia, such as the South Carolina State Museum. Not too far from town there’s also Lake Murray and the Lake Murray public park. You can also visit the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden for an exotic outing.

And, if for some strange reason you’re bored of the gorgeous beaches and thriving magnolias, Columbia’s got an active night life and “dine out” scene, with a new flavor fitting every day. In other words, you aren’t lacking for activities, fitting for any age group.

Moving to Columbia, SC

Mobile Attic believes in making any transition super easy, and a move to Columbia is no exception. Like with any move, you have a lot of things to consider: storage, where you’re living, down payments on utilities, budget, and time, to name a few. You can already feel the stress, but don’t worry, Mobile Attic can help with our accessible mobile storage pods!

First things first, let’s take a quick inventory of a ‘moving checklist.’

  • How much time do you have to move? When is your planned move-in date?
  • What is the estimated travel cost, including gas, travel, down payments on rent, mortgage, utilities, etc?
  • What days off have you set aside from the move?
  • Do you need to move pets?

Answering these questions is a key part of making your transition as easy as possible.

Moving Tips

While Mobile Attic offers versatile and accessible storage pods, there’s still the “hands on” work. These tips can help organize your major move.

  • Give yourself ample time to move if you can, months if possible
  • Mark boxes and label them as you prefer, such as with tape or bright colors
  • If you’re short on moving supplies, you can ask around for boxes, or use alternative storage bags for cushy material (trash bags work great for clothes, blankets, towels, and cloths, just don’t accidentally toss them!)
  • Set a budget for your move, and then set aside a little more, moving is expensive, and you want to give yourself as much financial space as possible
  • Have some “day 1” supplies ready for a move, such as food, clothing, bathing utilities, and anything else you can’t store away
  • Check and double check to make sure your utilities are on when you’ve paid them
  • Give yourself ample time for a move, schedule several days off time off if you can

Can mobile pods help my move?

Absolutely! Mobile storage units are an accessible container which operate like a portable garage. These handy units can come to your location of choice and allow you to store away important items and heavy objects you can’t otherwise fit in a moving truck. Also, they allow you to save on precious time and gas.

In a typical storage setting, you must drive back and forth between a vendor to store your times. When moving, that’s just additional time and planning you have to do, on top of the herculean effort of moving itself.

Mobile Attic can schedule pod arrival ahead of time, so it’s ready to go as soon as you’re moved in (or moving in). You can also use the pod to store inventory and items and then move, if you are within the appropriate service area. Professional teams will bring a selected pod to the desired location (in this case, where you’re moving). This makes your move that much easier, since you have an additional container to take advantage of. 

Last things to know

If you’re planning on scheduling a move-in with Mobile Attic, make sure you have a few last minute details settled. Is there enough space for the mobile pod(s)? Do you have things packed and ready for the pod? Do you know how long you will need it (there are flexible options for everyone)?

Once you know, the pods are yours to take advantage of. We’re excited to welcome you to Columbia and South Carolina!

For more information about Mobile Attic storage pods, you can contact us today.