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Moving with Winter Weather Woes

by Dec 13, 2017

You are a unique and inspiring individual. You’re not bound by the petty seasons or that oh so horrible absence of heat. The move is coming. It just so happens that this huge change in your life is taking place when the days are short, and the freezing wind shows no mercy. Though it may not be the best situation you could find yourself, it certainly beats making cardboard box towers with a heat index of 120 degrees.

Simply put, in South Carolina we like to move at our own pace. Is this pace fast enough to generate heat that will make us impervious to the frigid air? Probably not, but I’m inclined to believe that is something for which we should be proud. Humans make up in nature smarts what we can learn with street smarts and, while it may be wise to make sure ice melts away from the neighborhood street, I’m talking about ingenuity. Fortunately, Mobile Attic knows that better than most. Peel off those nose-cicles, put on those mittens with the box, and wind down with some moving tips that may put inconvenience on ice!

The Prep

When the winter weather rolls around, we are at a disadvantage. Think about the bear and its pseudo-hibernation, with claws and apparently a monopoly on that one camp in North Carolina (we’re still bitter about that one). We don’t have claws or super thick fur, but humans are the marathon hunters! We planned and coordinated to gather our meals and pushed forward with endurance unparalleled. I just ask that you gather that bit of endurance inside of you.

The best way to deal with winter moving is by anticipating future problems. Make sure that you have plenty of towels on hand for ice and freezing rain. All that it takes is one conveniently placed puddle for you to fall a mighty distance, destroying a box of carefully arranged Angel Babies in the process. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of light to pack the storage container. The summer, for most people, is ideal for moving because of the long days. You may not have that luxury, so make sure you have flashlights or at least a well-angled floodlight.

Lastly (but certainly not least), make sure you have something set up for comfort. Moving your belongings will inevitably expose your finger, now away from the body, to the cold air. I suggest setting up a small heater for ‘warm-up’ breaks with some extra gloves in case you get sweaty from the moving. This tip goes great with other tips that I will go into below!

The Hazards

If you haven’t noticed, Nature seems like it wants to kill us at every step. Winter is her vengeance, I tell you. While this may seem like the plot of some sad, poorly written existential play (the guy that wrote about me forgetting my car keys four times should be fired), the hazards are simple to deal with. This is as long as you put in some elbow grease (the name brand, not the dollar store kind).

This portion of the blog post will focus on hazards not just to you, but to the integrity of the house. When is the last time you cleaned out the gutters? Water can collect on the inside and, from there, you are one cold night away from falling ice, nature gunk, and unrealistically sharp pieces of frozen plastic. Speaking of water expanding, it is always a good idea to insulate your pipes. You don’t want to play Super Mario: Plumbing Career Simulator while you are supposed to be packing up. Damage in both instances can set your plans back drastically so it pays to look ahead. For you safety and the safety of the movers, make sure to keep the walkways relatively dry with some road salt (though there is evidence its bad for water quality) or kitty litter.

The Game

If you are a courageous sort, there is nothing stopping you from running outside with swim shorts and flip flops to confront old man winter. You may even pull him down by his beard and shout about the bone-chilling effects of this horror-scape he has created. While that would look beyond cool, the best thing to do is to play Winter’s game, and that involves getting into the winter weather mood. You should be rewarded for all the hard work and bravery you spent in making this whole thing happen. Make some cookies and hot cocoa and, instead of fighting against the bitter old man, work with him! The perfect combo to a long day of moving is the relaxation felt from watching your favorite TV show under an electric blanket (turned on high!), cocoa in hand. You brave few deserve it!