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Moving with pets? Mobile storage pods say no problem!

by May 21, 2021

When transitioning to a new living space, doing so with pets make everything much harder. Our animal friends go through the same anxieties and stresses we do. It’s frightening, as you can imagine, as they’re watching their living space completely change without totally understanding why. On top of that, once the move is made, they have to adapt to the new location. 

So how can you make moving for your pets as stress free as possible? We’ve got some tips, and of course, will explain how mobile storage pods can help.

1 – Move pets on the same day if you can

It’s best to make that final pet transition done in one go, if possible. Your pets will need time to transition and understand their new space. How they respond to it completely depends. It could be days to weeks before they feel completely comfortable. Therefore, when you make the final move, do it with your pets in mind.

2 – Have a cozy environment set up

Once you move the pet, they should have a familiar space to be. You can accommodate them by placing treats on say, a pet bed, or using blankets/sheets with their scent on it. This will help them associate a location with “new safe area.” At this point, the moving should be done. Constantly moving/loud noises will add to your pet’s stress levels, so reduce them as often as you can.

3 – Use treats in the kennel

Just like their new home “base,” treats can help let the pet know things are okay. While in the kennel or wherever, a treat can be used to reward calm behavior and indicate the move is fine. If you think the move will take a while (such as a few hours for a bigger transition), have food and water on hand to avoid hunger/dehydration.

4 – Use the mobile pod for pet supplies

Do you have a lot of inventory for your pets, like cat trees or the like? That’s where the mobile pod comes in. You can reduce move time and clutter by taking advantage of them. Even better, as you move with your pet, you can keep them close by during the transition. That will help them feel better at ease and keep their concern levels down.

5 – Introduce them to the new environment before hand

It’s a long shot, and very much depends on the new location, but if you can, take your pet friend to explore the new location to get them used to it. This mostly applies to houses and depends if you’ve made the “paper purchase.” But, if you can, that will keep the location familiar to the pet, so after the move it’s not a strange place after all.

After all is said and done, there are only so many things you can do. Every pet is different with their own needs. Some adapt quickly, some take time. Be patient, and soon your pet will love the new place just as much as you!

For more info on mobile pods helping with the pet, contact us at Mobile Attic today.