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Need a business advantage? Try mobile storage pods for the school season!

by Sep 5, 2023

Need a business advantage? Try mobile storage pods for the school season!


With a new school season comes new challenges for student alumni as they face down another academic year. But for success, they’ll need supplies and resources to have the best opportunity to learn and achieve their education goals. 

So, here you step in with your business, offering a wide range of these necessary supplies. Not just to the students, either. Faculty and schools will need supplies to carry out critical functions. But even if you’re not a provider of say, desks for every room, your business will no doubt want to take advantage of the new school season by offering relevant inventory. 

However, you’ve got one more advantage up your sleeve: mobile storage pods! 

What is a mobile pod? As the name implies, this storage container is transported by expert crews to a location of choice – think of it like a garage that comes to you. They arrive in a variety of sizes, suiting different needs, and fulfilling a variety of purposes. In the long term they can significantly save on the costs associated with storage, help organize, and aid businesses sell alumni-relevant supplies for the school season. 

This is particularly beneficial for smaller and local businesses that do not have large facilities for storage or otherwise. Mobile pods provide an immediately accessible resource to local shops or organizations who otherwise lack the resources to invest in larger traditional storage solutions. 

Why does a business need mobile storage units?

The academic year brings in a surge of customers who need supplies for their curriculum. Therefore, you want to make sure you can meet this demand, and mobile pods provide that advantage. If you order excess stock, for example, but do not have adequate space in your location, you can easily rely on storage pods to safeguard that inventory.

Furthermore, you can simply use mobile storage pods to rotate inventory for organization purposes. If you need to switch out stock or organize space to sell academic-related wares, a pod is a perfect extra container for just that. A mobile pod provides an accessible area to easily get between storage and the store’s interior, so you’re not required to travel long distances for retrieval. 

There’s an extra layer of security when using mobile storage pods too. Since the pods arrive at a designated service-area location, they can be placed in fenced areas, or locations where only proper staff have access. The pods can be locked and are made of stainless steel, resilient to intense weather conditions and reducing the chance of theft, vandalism, and/or damage. While it’s unlikely someone is looking to make off with pencils and paper, keeping your stock secure is still important. 

Won’t mobile pods cost extra money?

No doubt, as you’re looking to take advantage of the academic season to sell school related supplies, you also have to consider cost investment. So, what about mobile storage pods? Are they an expensive investment? The short answer is: no. When compared to “normal” options, the benefits greatly outweigh the initial investment.

In fact, storage units can save you more money in the long run. Traditional storage options are at a disadvantage for a variety of reasons. First, they’re at a single physical location, requiring travel and storage of items. This travel may require moving trucks or larger vehicles, which takes up time and costs fuel. And, this transportation needs scheduling, potentially interfering with routine operations. Depending on the size of the business, physical storage locations may have inadequate space for handling inventory – especially when it comes to school supplies. A supply day may require specific timeframes, whereas a mobile storage pod is literally within walking distance (or can be).

The mobile storage pods do not have this disadvantage. For example, if you need more storage mobile storage pods, and a variety of sizes as mentioned, multiple pods can be ordered for any use case scenario. And, since professional crews bring mobile pods to you, there is no need to travel and spend money on gas. You won’t run into scheduling conflicts, saving on time, allowing your business to focus on inventory management and selling school related supplies.

How can I leverage mobile pods to sell school supplies?

So, you have an idea of how mobile pods can help your business. They offer additional space where you may not have any. They cut down on costs associated with travel and fuel, and they provide additional security where it is required.

Therefore, you want to take advantage of the ergonomic space offered to you. You can quickly store away inventory, and then rotate relevant school supplies for any grade level. This is helpful, because in some cases not all grade level start school at the same time. For example, say you want to focus one week on elementary school supplies. The next, you may focus on higher education levels. Having a mobile pod means you can quickly access this inventory without needing to travel long distances. It also keeps her storefront clear of clutter and debris. Visual clutter is not only off-putting to potential customers, but it can also be a safety hazard and make it difficult to sell relevant products.

Thus, keeping your visual focused on academic supplies will help you sell the inventory faster. Additionally, if you have excess inventory, you can use your mobile storage pods to store away anything extra. Lastly you can use the additional space to decorate appropriately and otherwise use your excess space to advertise school-related products.

Think about your competitive level with larger organizations that have more resources. You’ll want every advantage you can get, especially when it comes to the school season. With pods, you can fulfill a specific need, have adequate space, and keep your inventory secure.

For more information about storage units and how they can help, contact Mobile Attic today.