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Need storage for your residential move? Think mobile storage

by Feb 12, 2021

Whether you’ve just transitioned to a new home or are getting used to accommodations, one thing you always need is space. Organizing our living space is difficult if we have less of it, no doubt, but even with extra rooms, things can get disorganized fast. Clutter builds up and its difficult managing things if you’re short on time. Soon, your living room is stuffed with boxes or things you meant to put away, turning into a huge eye sore.

“It’d be nice to put everything in one neat space.” Well, that’s just what a mobile pod does.

For resident and home services, whether it’s a house, apartment, or assisted living, mobile pods are an excellent way to give you the storage space you need. The main benefit is placing certain items and inventory in one safe, easily accessible location that’s also nearby, but there a host of others.

Say goodbye to one location!

As we frequently mention at Mobile Attic, mobile pods remove the need for a single storage vendor. In a residential home, you may need your pod for an extended period, and it’s nice to walk out the front door and manage things from the comfort of your lawn. With traditional storage options? It’s a long drive at designated hours for one small space that gives you limited options. 

Given the time constraints of today’s busy world, not to mention the complications presented by COVID-19, this is a hassle no one wants to deal with. But your mobile pod is like a transportable garage, there when you need it (and no house required).

Safe no matter the place!

There’s likely some anxiety associated with putting your belongings in a mobile storage unit. For example, what if you keep expensive gardening equipment in one? Or, what if you keep hazardous cleaning chemicals or emergency supplies? Will the weather be a factor? Potential theft?

Of course, with a steel exterior design, there’s no storm that can breach a mobile pod’s shell. Additionally, locking them up is easy. Even better, because they’re mobile, you can put them in a fenced area or protected environment if you have the space/options. That’s valuable to leasing companies who may need to keep maintenance supplies nearby if they lack space.

Great for emergencies!

Speaking of storms or disasters, perhaps damages occurred to your home. Or, you need renovations. Whatever the case, you need a place to safely put your property away and fast. Mobile pods can do just that in a bind, and, you can have the pods taken to a different location by expert staff. It’s not just mobility, it’s flexibility. 

These are just a few benefits offered when taking advantage of a mobile pod service. If you find yourself running short on space, consider a mobile pod!

For additional information on mobile pod services, contact Mobile Attic today.