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New Year, New Storage Needs

by Jan 20, 2021

There’s no end to the host of challenges a company faces, ranging from customer satisfaction to keeping the bottom line satisfied. In that congress of details and numbers, one factor can easily get overlooked until it’s too late: storage. Or, that is to say, a lack of. Space is easy to take for granted but imperils a business once it’s gone, making daily operations harder (and more dangerous).

But not all companies are in a position to physically expand or set up new locations. And, with COVID-19 creating additional pressure, even more so. But, that doesn’t mean said enterprise is without an option. With the new year comes new solutions, or, mobile storage pods.

Helpful Mobile Storage Options

No matter the business, there’s always a good reason to have extra space. For instance, if you need to rotate inventory for specials, seasonal events, or stocking reasons, a pod is a secondary accessible point where items can be taken to and from. Smaller companies don’t always have the luxury of increased space, and, if there’s extra stuff lying around, things get complicated.

That’s where the mobile pod works its magic. If you follow us at Mobile Attic, you know all sorts of positives a mobile pod brings to its customer base, no matter the reason.

Let’s look at a few ways mobile pods can address industries by category with some hypotheticals:

  • An IT business is upgraded its desktops and server infrastructure, and therefore needs somewhere to remove and store old equipment 
  • A local library got a shipment of new books but doesn’t have the shelf space yet, so instead uses a mobile pod to safekeep the donation while room is made
  • Furnishings and renovations are being made for a restaurant, so the owners are using a mobile pod to store old furniture

In these scenarios, the mobile pod is a convenient point of access that’s reachable within walking distance. Professional crews bring the pod to a service area and the rest is taken care of.

“Can’t I just use a regular storage option?”

You could, but imagine the hassle. That’s a back-and-forth trip to and from a stationary location which won’t have the same storage capacity, has limited availability, and in some cases, can’t be accessed at certain hours depending on the busines. Mobile pods are flexible, arriving exactly where your company needs them for any purpose. They also have different dimensions, and, you can order multiple pods for as long as needed.

The world faces down many challenges, and no doubt we’re looking at a different landscape. So, why not take some unpredictability out of the equation by relying on something that’s just that: reliable. 

If you’re worried about space constraints, a mobile pod for business storage is the ideal solution. For additional information, reach out to Mobile Attic today to learn about our services.