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Non-perishable items and food for Emergency Kits

by Jul 30, 2020

As COVID-19 surges around the US, and hurricane season ramps up, it’s important to make sure you have enough supplies for personal safety. During these times, it is possible that people will no-doubt experience an interruption in their daily lives. Food is a major consideration, so, having non-perishables and food stocks ready in case of emergency.


However, during that time, Mobile Attic has several food item recommendations that can last for extended periods. 

MRE Meals 

“Made ready to eat” meals are a common item in the military, but also as an emergency supply for general civilian use. MRE’s come in a variety of flavors, styles, and meals, from breakfast to dinner. Based on their packaging, they can least for years and require no special equipment. Given an emergency or lack of food, they’re good for long-term emergency planning.

Rice, beans, and spices

Brown and white rice are not only cheap, but plentiful. Combined with beans and your choice of spices, you have a flavorful mean that lasts a long, long time. Rice is also inexpensive. 2-pound bags typically cost $1 if that, so stockpiling them is a wise idea.

Beans are cheap too and provide a robust source of protein and nutrients. They also make a great side for most meals. Spices are also cheap and give you pallet variety as needed. Additionally, these items have an incredibly long shelf life.

Bottled water

In the unlikely event utilities run into problems, bottled waters are handy to keep around. Provided they’re stored in cool environments (not fridges, just something that avoids direct sunlight) you can keep for any emergency scenario.

Jerky and dried meats

Homemade jerky or jerky bought from a butcher has an extended lifespan over regular meat products. It’s also a good source of protein and nutrients and adds some variety to your meals. However, price wise it’s on the expensive side, so stock at your own discretion.

Canned goods

And of course, canned foods and canned products can last for years. There are canned products for nearly every food time, from fruits, veggies, and meats (like Vienna sausages). In many cases, you can also eat canned items as is. Cooking is obviously recommended, but in emergency scenarios or in cases where utilities are cut off, you’ll want the easiest meal solution possible.


Other considerations


  • Invest in a dehydrator, which are low-tech utilities which can dehydrate fruits and veggies, extending their lifespan tremendously
  • If you want to stockpile on meat, have a freezer ready
  • Don’t waste on money on non-nutrient foods like snacks (chips, sweets, etc), these won’t help you in the long run
  • Filter straws can be useful if you’re in a situation where you have access to a body of water but need to filter it correctly


The best part about our suggestion? They can be stored in mobile pod solutions. Contact Mobile Attic today for more information.