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Organize for Your New Year’s Resolution

by Jan 25, 2019


A brand-new year is upon us. You know what that means! Lots of promises to others and ourselves with the determination to see it through (mostly). While maintaining a resolution is easier said than done, some are more practical than others. If you’re trying to achieve one thing for 2019, why not focus on clutter? We don’t often think about the little messes, the overall buildup of objects around the house. But after a while, things accumulate, and before you know it your living room is hosting towers of boxes.

Or, maybe you have a variety of hobbies or collections like books, china, nic-nacs, and other personal belongings. Without any organization, it becomes a mess, leaving you with less space. But good news! In pursuit of a better home, we have some management tips to help you get your home in order! Decluttering is a great way to not only put away unused items but boost self-confidence too. Nothing says high spirits like an organized home.

1 – Decide What You Don’t Need
Part of the challenge with decluttering is separating the wants from the needs. You’ll have to decide what objects aren’t necessary and set them up for storage. Not to say you have to put away personal belongings, but non-essentials should be the first thought for storage.

2 – Check Rooms
Sounds obvious, but start going through each of your rooms and identify the clutter. It could be anything – from papers stacked on kitchen shelves to plastic containers in the corners of the living room.

3 – Pick Storage Containers
Depending on what you store and where you want to put it, deciding on a container is an essential step. Cardboard boxes are suitable for some things, but not all. Maybe you have tool sets or other types of hardware better suited for plastic containers. Whatever the case sort by each container, and mark each one depending on the items.

4 – Create a List
If you’re having trouble deciding what should go and what should stay, you can make a quick list too. For example, you can bunch things together by category, like “family photos” or “office supplies.” Once you do that, you can better organize how to declutter.

5 – Set Times for Decluttering
The thing is, trying to organize a house all at once is a herculean task, not to mention discouraging. So, rather than going at it in one go, try to set aside times and days for some organization. Could be ten minutes on Saturday, an hour on Sunday, or a few minutes every part of the week! This will help keep you on track towards a goal while getting your place nice looking as you work.
Simple, right? While some resolutions are harder than others, getting your home in shape with these simple decluttering tips is a great way to feel accomplished and stay focused. With them, you’ll free up space and make your living space much nicer!