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Organizing the Autumn Yard with Mobile Attic Storage Pods

by Oct 20, 2023

The autumn season brings many changes, and that includes the much-dreaded yard work. As trees shed their leaves, our lawns are covered in oceans of garden debris. And, while the occasional leaf pile is fun to dive into, repeating the process over several weeks is a chore indeed. That’s why Mobile Attic is here to help with storage units and some handy Fall tips to make the autumn workload that much easier.

With the help of a mobile storage pod, you’ll find autumn garden work a breeze – and not the chilly kind!

Getting ready for the yard

It is important to perform routine maintenance on your yard or lawn if you live near a heavily forested area, or have several mature trees shedding leaves during autumn. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to keep your yard organized, it’s a good outdoor habit to maintain. But like any chore or task, the best way to approach it is with some planning. Yes, even raking can do with some organizing, so you don’t shrug when that pesky leaf pile won’t go away.

Mobile Attic has a few suggestions for this:

  • Get to know your trees and when their leaves start to fall
  • Set days for when you plan to rake leaves or perform other yard work, and block out some time for the task(s)
  • Have your tools in an easy to reach place; normally that’s just disposable bins or rakes

Also, take a moment to consider the labor factor. Some jobs can be handled with time, effort, and efficient raking. Others, however, may need additional tools – like leaf blowers – to cut down on the labor.

Once you have all your necessary itinerary taken care of, you can minimize the workflow. It’s better to get your tools in an accessible spot versus looking around for them every time you want to do some outdoor Autumn work.

Did you know? This is where mobile storage pods come in handy. Mobile Attic recommends these for a variety of reasons. They’re accessible storage units arriving in a variety of sizes, deliverable by professional crews to your location of choice. Therefore, if you want a single spot to find your garden tools and other supplies, you’ve got one.

Important note: It is important not to store heavy machinery or similar equipment within these pods for risk of damage and as a safety hazard. That included motorized equipment and vehicles, such as lawnmowers.

Approaching the yard work

If you’ve got a small, ergonomic space to work with, chances are you can get a majority of the labor done on a weekend. But, that’s dependent on different factors, and if you’re in the market for a mobile storage pod, chances are you have demanding needs. Therefore, you want to avoid getting burnt out or performing repetitive tasks.

By repetitive work, we mean yard labor involving leaves or similar. If you rake leaves in one afternoon, for example, you might be frustrated to find there’s a whole new scattering of leaves over the week. Until the local trees have lost a majority of their coverage, the need to rake will be consistent. It’s better to divide up yard labor into sections – if you’re planning to rake leaves. Furthermore, you’ll need to have something to store and dispose of leaves, such as bins. If the weather gets windy, all your hard work will literally be blown away, to name one potential problem.

Essentially, break up your yard work days in pockets. This is important if you have lots of space to cover. Trying to do it all in one go will tire you out and might burn you on the process, leaving the task ignored for the rest of the autumn.

Other things to consider

Raking leaves is the go-to when you imagine Fall-based yard work, but there are other factors too. You might harvest your garden one last time. You might also need to move some things back into storage (another reason to check out mobile storage units). During the fall, older trees might lose limbs, or windier/colder conditions can toss debris into your yard. You will need to address these happenings as they occur, otherwise, your yard problem will get messy!

Remember, you can take advantage of mobile storage pods for a “go-to” spot. You can use them to store yard debris, tools, and whatever else you need. This is good for those who may lack sufficient space at their homestead, or, just want an additional container to keep things orderly. 

For bigger projects, don’t shy away from garden tools like blowers. You can even use lawn equipment to cut through excessive leaves if desired. 

About the mobile storage pod

Mobile Attic is happy to provide you with our storage services, even for yardwork projects. They’re accessible spaces delivered to you by professional crews, and as mentioned, can house containers, objects, tools, and different materials. While motorized vehicles are not allowed for storage, you can still take advantage of the space in a variety of ways.

Furthermore, renters can use as many mobile pods as needed for as long as required. This is a great benefit versus traditional options. With traditional storage, the renter has to travel back and forth between locations, costing time and gas. You also have limited space options – not practical for autumn yard work. And, most public storage facilities will only grant rental of one unit with possible deposit requirements and minimum usage requires (such as a full month). 

Rather, Mobile Attic offers you flexibility, a resource you’ll want when handling any fall labor project.

So, before you dread setting out on a cold fall day with a rake in hand, thinking about all the work ahead of you, think about the numerous advantages a mobile pod can offer.

For more information about Mobile Attic’s pod services, reach out by contacting us today.