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Packing Material Tips for Your Charleston Portable Storage

by Sep 17, 2019


When it comes to moving, there are numerous angles to take into consideration. Time of day, fuel required, trips to make, weight, and so on. But one often overlooked is the packing material. No, not what you put your valuables into, what you use to protect said valuables. It doesn’t usually come up until you find you don’t have enough to shield precious china or safeguard electronics. When that happens, what do you do?

To help you along your move and hopefully your transition in Charleston that much easier, we’ve assembled a short list of materials for your consideration. These are meant to fit a range of situations and boxing requirements, so there’s something for everyone.

1 – Towels

Not just good for drying! Towels are some of the handiest packing supplies you can find, and they’re free! These durable yet soft pieces of material can fit between spaces of sensitive objects, and because they’re formless, you can fit them into any package or box. They’re surprisingly tough too, capable of protecting your most precious items. Just avoid putting them with sensitive electronics in case of static build up.

2 – Old Clothes

Got some old clothes you’re not wearing? Like towels, they make a great substitute for typical packing material. And, like towels, they’re shapeless, so you can stuff them in between crevices and spaces where needed. Together they make fantastic cushioning for anything. They’re also a better choice for electronics (material depending) as there’s less static build, if any.

3 – Newspaper

While it’s likely you get your news from the web, that doesn’t mean all those old newspapers are useless! Shredded or folded newspaper also make for great packing material, since the paper can provide a solid cushioning when packed together. You can use it to wrap around sensitive items like dinner plates or glass, or, shred it up to fill in gaps for your box. Think of it like packing confetti and you’ve got yourself a handy solution.

4 – Tissue/Paper Towels

Similar to newspaper, these softer paper alternatives are great for packing smaller objects or sensitive items. Best suited for smaller packages as you don’t want to waste entire rolls for a handful of things.

Why Packing Material?

When considering portable storage (especially in the Charleston area) you need to take into account what goes in the pods and for how long. These alternative methods provide your itinerary with enough protection for long hauls and are crucial when protecting sensitive objects.

Additionally, you might not have the budget for packing supplies like packing peanuts or similar. Or, you don’t have the time. Whatever the case, alternative methods provide a good solution to these headaches. Also, you cut down on trash, garbage, and pollution by using your own materials. 

This is an ideal option if you’re short on time, funds, or extra materials. If you’d like to learn more about packing material and mobile storage pods, you can visit us at Mobile Attic.