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Packing Supplies for Your Storage Needs

by Mar 26, 2019



When you prepare for a move, half the “fun” is packing everything. But, during the process, you might’ve forgotten about a subtle detail involved in storing items: the packaging material. That is to say, what containers you use, where you put them, and what you protect your items with. For instance, you wouldn’t want fragile material clanking together and potentially breaking, right? What would you use to solve this? Packing foam is a traditional response, but, not the only option.

If you’re getting ready for a move but don’t have enough protective materials, or, just want some clever alternatives, read on. We’ve got a few helpful suggestions to make your move that much smoother!

Sheets and Pillows

Got extra bed dressings lying around? They make a handy buffer for just about anything. Yes, cushioning fabric has more use than just sleep-time. Because it’s essentially formless, you can wrap it around anything, or jam it between empty spaces in boxes (or similar). This is great if you want to protect sensitive items like dishware, electronics (minding the static), and glass.

Used Paper

Things like newspaper or paper towels are also a decent cushion for your packaging needs. Granted, we don’t recommend them for the super-fragile itinerary, but just like with packing peanuts you can stuff it into spaces to keep things secure. Newspaper can also protect glass and porcelain from scratches, should you find that concerning.

Ziploc Bags

Plastic baggies are great for collecting clutter or small items, helping you organize as you start to pack. A hobbyist with lots of paint? No problem. Tiny kids’ toys? Easy. You can get creative here too – try to think outside the bag when packing besides food.

Trash Bags

Low on boxes or other packing supplies? Trash bags are here to save the day! That’s right, these big, durable bags are fantastic for all sorts of things, like clothes, and make a great alternative to traditional storage methods. Just make sure you don’t get your actual garbage confused with the packed items!

Plastic Bins

We’ve mentioned them before, but we’ll do it again because plastic bins make for great storage alternatives. They’re durable, come in various sizes, and won’t fold or break as easily like cardboard. They’re resistant to moisture and various temperature changes – something that can be overlooked during a big move. Additionally, you can fit a lot in a bin, along with extra cushioning material. We highly recommend them – both for reusability and practicality.

Junk Letters

Tired of those pesky offers in the mail giving you trouble? Well, now you’ve got a real reason for cumbersome coupons. Junk mail makes an amusing option when packing, and much like paper, it’s good for protecting fragile objects.

So, even if you don’t have the typical options when planning for a move, there are dozens of different options at your disposal, most of which you can find around the house!


-Douglas James