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Pass On the Pests After Your move

by Aug 16, 2018

Nothing can dampen a big move quite like pests. Whether it’s the mischievous rodent or hiding insect, realizing you have some extra tenants living with you isn’t a fun discovery.

Pests we’ll define as any kind of disease spreading animal or insect living in the tiniest cracks of your new home. Typically, this means roaches, rodents, flies, and sometimes spiders. Unfortunately, pests thrive on things like warm weather, old buildings, and uncleanliness. Even if you are majoring in Clorox, previous renters or homeowners could have left a mess which allowed pests to thrive.

In some cases, you may have unknowingly brought the pests with you via your moving pod or similar. Since pests (especially insects) are so tiny, they can easily hitch rides in boxes or even bedding material. That’s no fun! The question is, then, how do you avoid these unwanted visitors taking residence in your home? How do you check for them?

Find the Signs

It goes without saying, you should definitely have a chance to inspect a new apartment or home before a move in, but sometimes you can’t. In this case, it’s important to do a diligent check to assure you aren’t dealing with some unexpected “roommates.”

In most cases, this kind of inspection should be done before you. But for various reasons, it’s possible it gets overlooked. If you’re in a multi-person unit, doubly so.

So check for things like trash and/or food residue. Pests, especially roaches, go after this when the lights are off. Any stray debris is potential food for them. If you can, mark it for cleaning. If that’s not an option, be sure to clean as soon as possible.

Pests can also leave their own “residue.” Tiny black spots, which is typically digested food, can be found in corners and/or the lining of walls. It’s not a pleasant thing to see post-move, but it’s important to catch.

Check for Damage

Insects and rodents can also cause damage, especially the latter. If you happen to notice bite marks on things like wires or wall edges, chances are there’s an unwelcome visitor about. These can extend to even pipe fixtures if infestations reach a serious point.

Damage is worth checking for post-move because even thorough inspections can miss vital areas. If you notice something is awry, it’s a sign you could have pests.

Remove the Pests

If you can confirm you actually have pests after the move, it’s time to deal with them. This varies depending on the level of infestation. For severe problems, getting the services of a professional is mandatory.

Smaller problems can normally be resolved by keeping a clean home and setting out bait. However, if after several weeks you still see signs of pests – again – look into professional services. Often it can months to deal with heavy infestations, and conventional methods (like store bought pesticides) are not always effective.

A move is a big deal, and the last thing you want are unwelcome visitors!


-Douglas James