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Plan a new landscaping project with mobile storage!

by May 4, 2021

Everyone has a routine for the spring season. Some take the time to clean, others start a garden, many plan activities. But if you want to try something new this year, a landscaping project could be a fascinating new endeavor. Or, it’s a project you routinely do. But whatever the reason, this time you have a brand-new advantage: a mobile storage pod.

Landscaping, as you know, is an arduous project, no matter the size of the terrain in question. For now, though, we’ll focus on a hobbyist approach versus large-scale business endeavors. So, if you have a lot of yards you want to reshape or touch up, this is for you.

Typically, a lot of people will hire landscaping services to handle their project, but if you want to tackle it from a DIY perspective, a mobile pod is incredibly useful.

Planning ahead

Landscaping is oriented around supplies, space, and tools. A small project, for example, might be the installation of a small garden. Total changes can go from completely replacing lawn grass, installing paths, plants, and decorations. Regardless, though, all this needs organization and space while the work is going on. Tools, as we mentioned, are necessary. Landscaping tools and utilities typically involve heavy gardening equipment, and most prefer machines that can expedite the job.

So, the mobile pod comes in to save the day by providing a convenient exterior space. Think of it this way: you landscape in phases. If step one is preparing the lawn for your preferred installation, then step two is decorating/gardening/your preference. But those “step two” supplies can rest easy within the protective interior of a mobile pod while you work. It’s unlikely you’ll get a major landscaping job done within a single sitting, so, having supplies out in the open is risky. It’s clutter, for one, making your job harder, and two, it could lead to unintended damage. A cement birdbath, for example, could fall over during the landscaping process, and that’s a mess you don’t want.

Consider your garage space. Or worse, maybe you don’t have a garage! In either case, space isn’t plentiful and you’ll need it for landscaping renovation, which mobile pods provide. But here’s the kicker, unlike traditional storage options, mobile pods can come to you.

You’ve got your hands full with planning and lawn work, so having a delivered pod takes out extra stress and hassle. And, better yet, it saves on time and gas since you won’t need to make repeat trips. You can even use pods to stow away debris until it’s time for a trip to the dump, keeping things clear and safe as you work.

Basically, think of it like the garage you never had, except it’s better: it can move around. So this spring, if you’re planning a personal overhaul of your yard, home, or exterior, think of all the great benefits a mobile storage unit can provide.

If you’d like to learn more, you can contact Mobile Attic today for additional info.