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Plan a summer trip to Charleston this year

by Aug 1, 2023

Plan a summer trip to Charleston this year

Running dry this year on vacation ideas? Want to try something new? Consider giving Charleston a visit. Charleston is a robust part of South Carolina with all sorts of things to do, fit for family, couples, friends, and individuals. Whether visiting historical landmarks or checking out one of the various beaches, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Better yet, if you’d like to have a worry free trip, you can even take advantage of mobile storage pods! We’ll talk about that later, but for now, let’s get you ready!

Summer trip tricks and tips

Before anything, you’ll want to plan ahead. A summer trip can be fun but like anything needs preparation so you don’t run into any unexpected surprises. Charleston is a scenic locale for those looking to escape the heat with beach visits. However, you should be ready for anything.


Give yourself a reasonable budget for everything. Length of stay, hotels, food, gas, unexpected purchases, even local groceries all fit into this category. Try go give yourself some breathing room just in case something comes up.

Necessary Supplies

Prescriptions, food, swim wear, summer clothes, sunscreen, and everything necessary to enjoying the summer sun without risking your health should be brought along. Make a list if you need to, and remember an old mantra: phone, keys, wallet. You don’t want to be fifty miles into your trip and realize you’re missing something!

Pet and House Care

If you have to be away for a while, consider boarding your pets or hiring a sitter. Lock your doors and switch off anything that may use power so you don’t return to a high utility bill. You can use mobile storage pods to secure your inventory while you’re gone, too!

Travel and Traffic

Think of good times to travel and think about the most efficient routes to take. Summer is fun, but encourages vacation traffic too.

What can I do in Charleston, SC?

Like any place, Charleston has a lot to offer. It just depends on what you’re eager to do. If you want to go sightseeing, Charleston is filled with landmarks and scenic views. If you want to go sightseeing but don’t know where to start, various walking tours are offered to visitors. Rainbow Row, for example, is a famous site for tourists featuring classic architecture and old buildings.

You can also participate in cruises and carriage tours. Cruises offer a suite of activities, from sightseeing to dining. Horse carriages are a great way to view the city in a classic way.

But, if you’re budget conscious and want to save the wallet, you can explore this historical city without breaking the bank. For example, Charleston is full of history as it was established in 1600 with hundreds of churches built within it. It’s been dubbed the Holy City, and if you’re a fan of old architecture and learning, look no further. Charleston is like walking into the past, and you can learn a lot if you head to the right places.

What about wildlife? Indeed, fauna and flora here is robust, but perhaps one of the most popular is Charleston’s eldest tree, the Angel Oak. The Angel Oak is as old, if not older, than the city, between 400 to 500 years old. Even better, it’s a free visit, and truly marvelous to observe this ancient, resilient tree.

Some believe the Angel Oak is haunted, but if you really want some ghostly sight seeing, Charleston does indeed offer haunted tours. The Ghosts of Charleston walking tour will taking you through various landmarks and expose you to corners of the old city many think are inhabited by ghosts. If you wanted to visit a graveyard, look no further!

But like any tourist attraction, you’ll find an endless amount of places to eat at. Art exhibits are numerous and you can enjoy the local flavor. Charleston avoids modernized construction to preserve its historical beauty and aesthetic, which is why it’s a popular stop in the south.

Really, there’s no limit to the sights you can enjoy while visiting the city. So many, in fact, we can’t fit it all in one article! From gardens, plantations, antique and farmer markets, classic restaurants and rustic views, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable summer.

Now, how can mobile storage pods help?

Keeping things safe while you’re here

It’s no secret Mobile Attic makes one of our homes here, and we believe in top-tier protection of inventory. Mobile pods are a handy way to guard your inventory if you’re away from the homestead.

A mobile pod is a container that comes to you. It’s transported by professional crews, so you don’t need to rent and drive a clunky moving truck, nor do you need to spend on costly gas. Instead, once the pod is rented, you can fill it with your items of choice. The stainless steel containers can be locked and will protect your items from storms, theft, and intruders. You can have them placed anywhere they fit, so long as they’re within a service location. For example, you can stow pods behind a fenced or monitored area – a great benefit even businesses use.

Pods can be scheduled ahead of time, too, working around your schedule. Since planning vacations can be stressful and time consuming, mobile storage pods are designed with accessibility in mind. Once you have your pod, you can use it for as long as required. And, they come in a variety of sizes to suit virtually any need. You can even order multiple storage pods, if the need arises. So, while you’re thinking of heading to Charleston for a summer visit, think about all the great benefits mobile pods offer too. 

If you’re concerned about the homestead and want an extra layer of security, give some consideration to mobile storage units. Vacations should be a stress free venture, and sometimes all it takes is a secure container to grant you peace of mind.

We hope to see you in Charleston this year!

If you want to learn more about mobile storage pods, contact Mobile Attic today.