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Plan Your Next Yard Sale with Mobile Storage Pods

by Nov 15, 2023

Time to clear out storage and make some space? Want to make a little extra cash on the side? Most turn to yard sales when they’re out to declutter but don’t want to throw things away and create waste. A yard sale is a perfect opportunity to hand off some things, ensuring they get a good home, while pocketing some extra change in the meantime. 

However, it’s important to plan ahead. It’s tempting to gather up your “junk,” set up a lot, and expect a venue of customers. The problem is, that doesn’t work. Unless you get the word out – among things – your yard sale will instead look like a roadside spectacle. So, Mobile Attic is here to help with some tips, and as a bonus, we’ll talk about how mobile storage units are an excellent way to enhance your yard sale!

But, first things first. . .

Organize and Declutter

Make absolutely sure you intend to part with things at the yard sale – don’t sell what you don’t want back! And remember, what’s valuable to you may not be valuable to others. For instance, if you’ve got that old CRT television lying around, there might be collectors on the prowl for it. But if it doesn’t work or isn’t taken care of, chances of making a sale are diminished. So, as you collect the things you intend to sell, do a few things:

  • Make sure the property works and is in good condition
  • Remove any dust or grime from the item(s) in question
  • Be honest: if you were a visitor, would you buy the item you want to sell?

Permit Requirements

This is a big one that’s easy to miss: you may need a permit to sell inventory, depending on the scope. Neighborhoods with HOA’s also may have requirements regarding garage/yard sales. This is to prevent the sale of illegal/dangerous goods, among things. It’s not always mandatory, but you’ll need to check your local city or area requirements beforehand. The last thing you want is a visit from the law while trying to get rid of old things!


Depending on the size of your yard sale, you’ll need to prepare accordingly. Get help from family and friends – with some compensation to encourage them. Neatly sort everything out and categorize items as needed. For instance, maybe you have a whole library of old DVDs – having them in a visible, easily sortable container that’s clearly marked will enhance their potential sale. 

For this, you will also want supplies. Boxes, tape, markers, and anything relevant to your yard sale will come in handy. Fold out tables and areas for displays that are easy to navigate also help. Think of it like opening a store in your front lawn! Incorporate similar ideas. When you visit a store, you look for sections that are easy to find with prices clearly labelled. You don’t want to create a junk pile, that gives off a bad impression and will turn your yard sale into a disaster.

Pricing and Payment

In olden days, cash worked fine. But it’s a good idea to accept digital payments too. There are plenty of apps available for this, and if you clarify how you will handle a transaction, you bring your yard sale into the modern age. It’s worth making a sign pointing out you accept digital payments along with cash. Get ready to handle change too, because remember, this is like operating a small store in your yard.

As for pricing, well, that’s all subjective. Mobile Attic can’t tell you precisely how to price things, but we recommend keeping it reasonable. Check online to see if the object in question has a current value – and if said object is used, lowering the price is expected. Try to be fair, otherwise, you might get haggled. An old toy or stuffed animal might seem like it’s worth a lot, but to the random visitor, not so much.

Get the Word Out

You can advertise online ahead of schedule, setting a few days up in advanced for the sale. We recommend the weekend, between Friday and Sunday, with adequate times for visitors. Signs, balloons, and other attractive attention grabbers should work well too. If you’re in a neighborhood, see if you can get the word out. You’ll never know who stops by!

You can also use quick online listings – like social media marketplaces – to offer prices and generate interest. That way, you know the volume of potential customers to expect. 

Use Mobile Pods

There’s still so much more to a yard sale, but we’ve covered the essentials. Mobile Attic highly recommends doing additional research and planning to make said sale as best as it can be. In the meantime, take advantage of mobile storage units to bring your yard sale to a whole new level.

Since mobile pods operate like accessible storage units, you can easily organize items on the yard. The pod comes to your area of choice and has a range of sizes, perfect for selling items. You can even use the pod like a little display shop! Guests can enter the pod to see what’s available, or you can even use it to handle payments/change processing. If nothing else, it lets you handle the clutter and organization process without worrying about losing space.

Pods are non-intrusive and do not require special equipment or rentals. Instead, once you’ve selected the pod(s) from an available vendor – like Mobile Attic – professional delivery teams will take the pod to your location. When you’re finished, said teams will retrieve it. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the labor involved with travel, gas, or time, and instead focusing on making the best possible yard sale.

We hope you have the best possible yard sale. With our tips, you’ll have better chances for success with some extra cash to look forward to.

As for mobile pods, you can learn more about these services by contacting Mobile Attic today.