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Planning a end of year trip? Here’s how portable storage can help

by Dec 28, 2020

As 2020 winds down, many are looking to make their end-of-year visits to friends and family. Minding safe guidelines, it can be a pleasant – though busy – seasonal event. No doubt with holiday shopping, decorating, and mailing barely in the rearview mirror you’re up to your ears in things to worry about. In fact, if you do plan a big trip, what about things at home?

Not to worry, because mobile storage pods are a great way to put your holiday travel concerns at rest. If you’ve read anything about Mobile Attic and our services, no doubt you already have a good idea of what we can do for you. But specific to the holiday season, there’s even more things

Holiday storage benefits

Security storage

Whether business or home, you want to keep your belongings safe if you plan to leave for extended periods. So, external storage pods are a great layer of additional security. You can place various items in their steel containers, locked up as needed. Better yet, as mobile pods, they are movable to secure fenced locations (or similar).

Convenient storage

Even if you don’t need the security, a mobile pod acts as extra space for your holiday supplies. For whatever reason, you might need the storage before travelling (such as stowing away gifts before Christmas day).

Or, imagine the opposite in which you’re expecting visitors. No doubt, if you plan to host a big family gathering there is a lot to account for concerning luggage. Your home may not have enough space, so a mobile pod can make a great access spot for non-essentials (storage that isn’t clothes for instance). Regardless, it works as a convenient option.

Safe transportation

If for any reason you need to transport things when travelling, mobile pods are ideal for both holiday and personal safety. The former, of course relates, to the protection and transition of inventory. Mobile pods are managed by professional crew and can be taken anywhere so long as it’s within the service area.

Secondly, transportation via mobile pod helps reduce human contact and interactions. While the holiday season brings people together, it also puts people in closer proximity, increasing the risk of transmitting COVID. Therefore, safe external storage for travel helps with this, at least as an additional preventative measure.

Transportation for larger decorations

Are you a business planning some serious holiday decorations this season? Naturally, doing so can potentially invite new customers with a bold approach. But, no doubt said decorations are large in quantity and size, which means they’re difficult to shift around with limited resources.

No surprise, then, mobile pods work as a great alternative for the reasons listed above:  ease of transportation, safety, and convenient sizes for decorations.

So, if you’re facing some challenges this Christmas 2020, think of a mobile pod before and after travel. Everyone needs help getting around, and even Santa could tell you that one!

For more info, you can contact Mobile Attic about storage pods today.