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Planning a Move While Sick

by Jun 24, 2020

Moving while sick sounds unpleasant – and that’s because it is. Inconvenient and difficult, getting sick with an important life transition going on makes everything harder. Something as stressful as a move is only exacerbated by sickness. And, given the unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, fallen ill is a real possibility. 

So, if you’re getting sick or suspect you will soon, it’s no secret you’ll need assistance. There’s no perfect solution, but Mobile Attic has some tips that can give you ideas for planning a move if you’re sick.

Contact friends and family 

First and foremost, get in touch with anyone who can help you. Friends and family are a great start. Explain your situation and see if they can give you a hand (and of course, politely compensate them for their time). 

Contact your job

If you’re moving because you need to relocate for a job, talk with the company about your situation. Companies are often more than happy to pay moving fees to assist with your transition, and if you’re sick, can potentially help too. It isn’t guaranteed, but ask regardless.

Inform your current workplace

If you aren’t moving for a job, let your work know what’s going on. Being sick and moving are major life hurdles and they should be understanding. 

Pack with protective masks/gloves

If you feel you can safely pack things without exerting yourself, do so with masks and gloves. You will likely still need help, and you’ll need to reduce potentially contaminating friends if you’re getting help.

Get in touch with your new place of living

If you’re moving into a home with a landlord or leasing office, let them know what’s going on. Landlords (the good ones) should give you some assistance and potentially hold off on asking for rent (if you haven’t already paid). Leasing offices aren’t the same and may not be as understanding, but letting them know what’s going on helps give you time.

Utilize portable storage

If you’ve got the budget, portable storage is an alternative to asking friends or family for help. Storage teams can pack away all your inventory, even the heavy stuff, and then transport to your new location. Additionally, that inventory will stay in the pod for as long as its rented. It’s a convenient workaround if you’re too sick to get yourself where you need to be. 

Know your limits

Even with help, you may still have to move things on your own. It’s important to understand your limits so as not to strain yourself. Therefore, stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, and rest frequently. Worst case scenario, re-plan your move and notify all parties of your situation. Never compromise your health.

If you’re still having trouble planning a move or want additional assistance, consider using mobile pod services. You can contact Mobile Attic today for additional information.