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Planning the Perfect Kid’s Party with Mobile Storage

by Jun 28, 2023

Planning the Perfect Kid’s Party with Mobile Storage

Throwing a children’s party is exciting for the kids, but a headache for the rest. Like any party, they need planning, supplies, and guests, all of which looks easy on paper. But in practice? Quite a headache indeed! Rambunctious kids are only one of the many challenges associated with throwing a party. However, you’re not alone. You’ve got a secret weapon at your disposal in form of a mobile storage pod. 

Ideas for the party

Before anything, let’s remember to focus on a key objective: plan. A little prep work goes a long way, and a kid’s party is no different. You can make it as big or as small as needed, invite every friend under the sun or keep it simple. However, if you’re taking advantage of mobile storage pods, chances are this affair will be larger in nature. 

Therefore, settle on a few things: themes, decorations, and events/games. Theme will dictate everything and is usually what you want to figure out first. It shouldn’t be hard, picking an interest of the kids and then using associated decoration. For example, the kids (or birthday child) like superheroes, so decorations and themes will involve said superheroes.

You can opt to find themes at your local stores, or if you’re feeling adventurous, make custom decorations for the event. 

Set a budget

Before anything, set a distinct budget for the party. Depending on the scale of the children’s party, costs can escalate faster than you realize. For example, a pizza party involves, well, pizza! Where is the pizza catered from? If it’s a chain brand, how many pizzas would you need for x amount of children. Yes, in those circumstances, we’d have to use math. However, it’s only to save you money so you don’t overspend (or underspend).

You want to strike a healthy balance between value and costs. Are you planning activities for the party? Who will host it? Will you rent extra supplies? This can be anything from a backyard birthday party to an entire event hosted for children.


Birthday parties are fun, sugar laced events. But for your peace of mind we recommend a balance of fun snacks with sugary ones. Sugar + children = chaos, and while it’s fun for them, consider the cleanup afterward.


A location can make or break the party. Kids have energy, they’ll need space to runaround, and if you’d made the wise decision to feed them sugary snacks and drinks, rest assured you’ll want somewhere to set them loose. And, location will determine where your décor will go. For cost effective reasons, we recommend something local, like a home space. You can inquire about reserving spaces at nearby parks or public areas if you want something outdoors. 

There is a trade off between the two. Indoor spaces can range from locations designed for parties (roller rinks) or your home, and also dodge weather if you have concerns about rain. Outdoor parties take advantage of free space and allow for games, but may run into weather/noise.

The location of choice should accommodate yourself and guests. 

Speaking of. . .

Get that guest list ready

A headcount will help even out all the rough edges of planning an exciting birthday party. That’s because knowing your expected guest list will determine every aspect of the party. If you expect 10 guest children, that’s ten to feed or to expect. If it’s a larger or smaller headcount, then you determine where the birthday party is held. 

Don’t forget a few other considerations before the party. What is the expected age group? Will any of the guests have medication requirements or have allergies? If you have pets or animals, do they need to be separated? Tiny details like that assures your planned party goes off without a hitch. 

Using mobile storage pods

With all this planning, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The bigger the birthday party, the more things there are to account for. But, as you plan, consider taking advantage of a secret weapon: mobile storage pods.

Perfect for large scale storage and events, a mobile pod can elevate parties by giving you additional space to work with. And it’s not just for organization either, pods are a handy way to add fun activities without renting space somewhere else. Failing that, mobile storage units are perfect for just that: storage. If you want to put party supplies in a hidden place (or keep your house free of clutter until the big day), they’re handy in a pinch.

But how can you use them for a children’s birthday party? The limit is only your imagination. Pods can be used like an improvised activity center, fit with decorations, lights, and even small furnishings. You can use them for an activity center (putting games within the pod) or even somewhere to eat. With the right conditions and set up, they can add a whole new dynamic to a children’s birthday party. 

However, that isn’t a requirement. Storage units are like a garage on wheels that come to you. If you’re planning bigger activities but lack the space, take advantage of mobile pods. If you have concerns with time or budget, rest assured mobile pods account for that too. Mobile storage pods within a service area are delivered to a location of choice by professional teams. That way, you can focus on planning and budget without running back and forth from a stationary location. You won’t need to rent a special truck or spend extra on gas, and once you’re satisfied with the service, the pod is returned by the same professional teams.

The bigger the party, the more you will need to plan. If you plan on renting additional equipment for the party but have nowhere to put it, that’s where the mobile storage unit comes in. Whether for decoration or extra storage, there’s a use for virtually anything. 

For more information about storage pods, contact Mobile Attic today.