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Portable Storage and Holiday Shopping

by Dec 22, 2020

The end of the 2020 holiday season is slowly drawing near. While many prepare to enjoy robust get-togethers with friends and family (or try to, please follow COVID-19 guidelines from CDC), others have eyes on 2021. A typically joyous time of year, December is also synonymous with gift shopping. Imaginably, it’s quite stressful for multiple reasons.

Did you know, though, portable storage units and shopping for friends and family can work together? It’s true. You might need more storage, places to put things away for safekeeping, security, or extra space to organize.

Great for holiday shopping solutions

Here’s one of the biggest benefits a mobile pod can offer: immediate, accessible storage. For some, gathering holiday gifts is a big to-do because it requires purchasing multiple things for multiple people. What if your home doesn’t have enough space to hide them, or, you don’t have time to organize?

Heck, what if the gift’s in question are too large to put away in a closet? Regardless of the reason, a mobile pod is like Santa’s magic closet, an area where you can stow everything away for later.

Organization space

Before you wrap things up, you’re spending time getting gifts together. This could be from a local place or online delivery. Whichever method, there isn’t always time to pack things away in a timely fashion. Therefore, a mobile pod is a convenient space to keep things until you have time to wrap and set them out.

A place for hiding

Truly one of the biggest challenges facing any gift-getter: keeping the presents a surprise until it’s time to open them. Yes, avoid curious eyes is a tricky situation, and even the most well behaved can’t help themselves, sometimes.

But, the nice thing about storing inventory and presents in a mobile pod is twofold: you can have the pod moved to a different location, if you so feel obligated. You can also secure it with a lock, so there’s no chance someone might open it by “accident.”

And, if you just want to keep certain items secure that can’t be put away via usual methods, that’s the added benefit of a mobile pod too!


While gifts are the attention here, also remember storage units work for precisely that: storage. For gifts, decorations, boxes, or anything else, you can take advantage of a pod to keep clutter at minimum while you organize gifts and other holiday related items. Because pods have various sizes, there’s ample space to store inventory as necessary. 


As you can see, mobile pods are a creative solution to many holiday related concerns. With COVID-19, it’s also important to keep safe and practice good social distancing habits while celebrating with family.

For more information, you can contact Mobile Attic to learn about our storage pods.