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Portable Storage and Schools: What to Know

by Sep 29, 2020

The school season is facing some challenges this year. It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has changed the opening of institutions across the country as facilities keep student safety their top priority. Minding that, there are the usual challenges to account for. With resources strained, including space, administrators have to take some special considerations. Fortunately, mobile storage pods offer extra help.

Additional storage space

The first and obvious benefit to mobile storage pods is the expansion of space, without relying on a single center. Mobile pods can be used for anything, too, ranging from general supplies to equipment. That’s a far better alternative to static locations, which are difficult to access.

Additionally, schools have larger needs given their size and student body. Regular storage measures won’t really cover space, and aren’t practical either.


It’s in the name and holds true: mobile pods come to your location. That holds the same for school facilities, which will no doubt need pods transported to them. The additional benefit is professional staff can transport pods where they’re needed, saving staff time. It’s not practical to expect educational staff to transport mobile pods on their own (and school resources may not have the vehicles for it).

Assistance for organization

For schools with hybrid classes, those that have physical environments still practice safety by reducing exposure to others. However, doing so no doubt requires clever management of interior spaces, such as how desks or organized in position to the other. When performing said organization, it’s easier to lose space than keep it.

But, a side benefit of having pods on hand means desks and other space-taking inventory can be set aside until room organizing is complete. It’s a good way to cut down on clutter and lost time.

Space for medical supplies

Even a school’s best efforts may not contain the spread of COVID-19. Even so, having extra medical supplies on hand is extremely beneficial for everyone. Mobile storage can be used to keep gloves and masks nearby, along with any other medical inventory needed.

Cost effective

An academic institution isn’t limited to a single pod, and all are set at affordable rent fees on a monthly basis. Versus a stationary storage situation, which charge rates but with smaller space and limited availability, the cost benefits are obvious. Added with the reduced (or removal) need to travel, cutting into gas, the savings add up.


Some schools keep hazardous material for education purchases, like chemicals for science-based classes. For safety reasons, these can be safely locked away in storage containers.

Though COVID-19 has created numerous challenges for everyone, academia included, there are still ways to mitigate the problem. Outside of that, mobile pods also provide plenty of pros for schools, especially those dealing with space problems.

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