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Benefits of Portable Storage for Construction Businesses

by Mar 15, 2019

When you think portable storage pods and units for excess inventory, you likely think of housing items. Clutter or extra itineraries are a natural component of renting and homeownership. But, there’s an added benefit to mobile storage pods: they can help a business.

This time, we’re talking about the construction industry, especially if you’re a private contractor or locally owned enterprise. Mobile pods provide a whole host of positives which can save you time, labor, and money. Some of those benefits are. . .

1 – Convenience

Depending on where the job is, having supplies transported to you in an ergonomic, organized pod takes a lot of strain out of the work. So long as you’re within the delivery area, you can have construction supplies taken to – and from – various sites where labor is performed.

2 – Saved Time

It goes without saying when you have materials tucked away which accessible transport, a lot of menial legwork is cut out from the big picture. No longer will personnel have to drive from point to point for certain inventory, they can instead rely on mobile pods coming to them. Therefore, construction work goes much faster, since tools, machinery, and building itinerary can be taken back and forth as needed.

3 – Saved Costs

Because you’ve cut out a lot of transportation, you can focus capital purely on labor. Time is spent more efficiently as well, meaning you gain the most value for what’s spent. With a mobile storage pod, you’re only paying for the cost of storage, and therefore have a more predictable, scaled budget.

4 – Safer Storage

Equipment for construction jobs is invaluable. Luckily, storage pods are made of durable steel material, both weather and damage resistant. This means your high-value inventory is safe during transportation, or when placed in static storage. This cuts out the additional hassle of going to pick up certain machinery, reducing risk it gets damaged during transportation.

5 – Flexibility

Static storage solutions can be problematic for a business relying on multiple jobs in different places. As such, getting your material from anywhere is a huge benefit. You can also rely on moving equipment and supplies for any reason – whether because you need to find a new construction site, are avoiding weather hazards, or just need the accessibility.

6 – Organization

One final benefit to a mobile storage pod is its space for organization. During labor, you want to retrieve and store supplies as efficiently as possible. Therefore, the generous space provided by pods allows teams to manage how they want material retrieved. This cuts down on additional time, whereas traditional solutions can create excess clutter.

Portable storage pod solutions have a variety of uses, and for construction is one of them. If you find you’re wasting time on transportation or want a new way to stow away inventory, try a pod for an accessible, stress-free option.

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-Douglas James