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Portable Storage For Families

by Sep 24, 2020

Often at Mobile Attic we tackle the benefits of portable pods for living units, businesses, schools, and general storage needs. But what about a family? What about parents? Can they use mobile storage pods too for their specific needs? 

The answer: absolutely! Granted, it’s a more “creative” use of mobile pods, but there are some indirect benefits a family can take advantage of, specific to parenting. We’ll highlight some of those below!

Additional, practical space

Parents need space depending on how many children they’re caring for. Some have the space, some don’t. Heck, even in a large house, it’s easy to lose room to clutter, supplies, and other things for your kid’s bedroom.

Mobile pods are like an extra room on the go – minus the “sleeping in them” part. They can be used to stow away extra clutter, make space for other organization, and put away things you no longer need. Example? Baby supplies such as a crib. As your child grows older, you want to put it away instead of tossing it or selling it, but no attic! Well, that’s a potential solution a mobile pod offers.

Accessibility and transportation 

Another nice thing – a fact we enjoy mentioning – is that pods come directly to you, so long as you’re within a service area.

Time is a lost factor when it comes to kids, and you have only so much to manage. School, doctor, grocery, and whatever else all start taking the hours. That’s not a bad thing when raising a family, but it’s easy to notice time when you have less of it.

Therefore, having a pod come to your place of living is a big benefit. It just means you don’t have to spend that precious time going to a location, the location comes to you (or that’s the idea).

Professional staff are happy to take the mobile pod where it needs to be, and so that simplifies the whole loading process (which you’ll need).

Clutter and reorganization

Like we mentioned with space, organization is another factor to consider. When making space for rooms or tossing things away, clutter builds up. So, putting said clutter in a mobile storage pod while you organize around the house is a huge plus. And, again, not everyone has a home, which makes organizing even tougher.

Basically, a mobile pod helps you handle the things you didn’t expect to handle before.

Securing things away

If you’re concerned about child safety and need to “proof” some areas, you can do so with pods. Take those dangerous items, chemicals, or whatever they might be and stow them in the pod until you’ve figured things out. 

So yes, mobile storage pods are generally for moving equipment, inventory, and moving supplies, but even parents can make use of them. If you’re concerned about space for child reasons, consider them.

You can get more information about pods by visiting us at Mobile Attic today.