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Portable Storage Solutions Are Great for Sanitation Supplies

by May 21, 2020

Did you know that portable storage solutions aren’t only for interior items, equipment, and stock storage? You can also utilize them for transporting and storing cleaning itinerary, a convenient solution for the sanitation industry. If you’ve never considered a mobile pod for stowing sanitation supplies, we’ll break down some of the major benefits in doing so!

Perfect for protection

Sanitation supplies typically involve various chemicals which are dangerous to inhale. If they’re exposed or stored in improper conditions, this can create a serious health hazard. Mobile storage though is designed with stainless steel frames which safely seal sanitation equipment to prevent damage.

Generous space

Mobile pods have different size specifications. Some are used for transitioning large objects like furniture or machinery, others for general supplies. Whatever the reason, however, there’s a size for the storage of sanitation supplies. So, if you’re a business that needs additional space or just need a safe compartment to store cleaning items in, a mobile pod can work as an alternate solution.

Safe storage

Cleaning chemicals need to be protected not only from exterior conditions but theft and damage as well. Damage can cause leaks and lead to hazardous leaks, presenting a risk to anyone accessing the storage unit. With a mobile storage unit, though, they’re easy to secure and prevent unauthorized access. This is recommended for companies and individuals that may need to use industrial level cleaning chemicals.

Convenient transportation

Portable storage services like Mobile Attic offer transportation for pods. In other words, if you’re in the service area, pods can come to your location and take your pod to a designated location. For sanitation equipment, this is a huge convenience. If you’re a business that cleans multiple places or needs to shift its inventory to different places, a pod can provide an accessible alternative versus typical moving services. Better yet, once the pod is at a new location, it can remain there to be used as extra storage space.

Additional space

For businesses large and small, inventory management is important. if you’re in a situation where you lack space on-site, you can use storage pods to stow away extra cleaning supplies. Again, because of the dangerous nature of chemicals, sometimes it’s good to store them in a regulated, external environment. It also allows you to delegate the release of cleaning chemicals for work use and to assure no hazardous material goes missing.


Finally, having a storage pod means your cleaning inventory is an easy-to-access location which allows you to better organize supplies. You can reduce clutter for your home or business this way, reducing personal risk and the build-up of debris.

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