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Portable Storage, the Last Frontier

by Dec 7, 2016

The days of the moving truck are numbered. Maybe not exactly, because it is the classic way to move, but the process is completely overshadowed by the convenience of portable storage. Thousands of people across the southeast have come to this realization in our decade within the industry. With new technology comes a learning curve, and this is no different with the portable storage unit. Some future movers are not entirely sure what to look for (as the containers vary drastically across the moving world). Below is sort of a check list for features that you should be on the lookout for to make an educated decision.

  • Ask about the construction of the container. Some companies have wooden units or aluminum, caged bodies or solid bodies, and containers that are better suited for hauling fish across the Atlantic. Wood bodies tend to retain moisture, which can be enticing for pests and could also spell trouble for your furniture in the form of water damage.
  • The materials of the container body also play a big role in security. It is much more difficult to break into an aluminum and steel container compared to an all-wood construction.
  • Pay attention to what’s on top! There are several portable storage units that have transparent roofs while others have reflective ones. The difference lies in how it works with the rays from the sun. The reflective roof will keep the sun from fading clothes, bleaching furniture and heating up the air inside the container, while other tops trap heat like a car or a garage.
  • How is the container placed on the property? Some portable storage unit providers, like the Mobile Attic, place the unit on blocks when it goes to the property. This allows for air flow beneath the container, keeping it from soaking in a puddle of water when it rains.
  • Ask about leak inspections. You may want to know the process behind the company’s unit up-keep. It may be more peace of mind if you learn that the company regularly inspects the units during each drop off.
  • What about hidden fees and storage facility fees? Some companies within the industry make a habit of throwing random and pointless fees in every direction. Additionally, they may charge a higher rate if you plan to store at their facility. Mobile Attic tries to remain as transparent as possible when it comes to billing and we would be happy to answer any questions thoroughly. Also, no fee for storage with us!
  • Some places have discounts available, and you may want to ask about price matching. Mobile Attic has a Lowest Price Guarantee where if a competitor has us beat on the rate for our 16’ container, we will match it and beat it by 5%.

This is just a small list of things to get you thinking in the right direction. Even if you decide against renting with the Mobile Attic, you will be that much more educated to make an effective decision.