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Preparing for a Portable Storage Unit

by Oct 15, 2021

Preparing for a Portable Storage Unit


Portable storage units provide a lot of convenience and accessibility. You can access them from virtually anywhere. They can be delivered to and from certain locations by transfer teams and it’s an excellent way to overcome obstacles normally encountered with traditional storage, such as travel time. Of course, to make the best use of a portable storage unit, you’ll want to plan ahead. It might sound unnecessary but think of this way: try to move with no planning or packing and imagine how hectic that can be.

Storage units are mobile containers, so keep this in mind. Additionally, here are few things to consider when you’re planning to use a mobile pod.

1 – Decide on Itinerary

What goes in the pod? Furniture? Entertainment systems? Clothes? And what do they go into, as in, boxes, plastic containers, tubs, etc. Deciding on inventory will help you figure out how to best utilize a storage unit, while organizing the rest of your supplies. This is important if you’re a business which is offloading seasonal inventory; planning cuts down on time wasted and disorganized packing.

2 – Decide on Size

Most organizations host the same size for their storage units. In other cases, though, they may provide different option. It goes without saying – if you need less or more space, use it. If you think you have too much, consider a size up – the last thing you want is to run out of space when packing. 

3 – Security

Another feature common with storage solutions, security is something to consider. Locks are typically provided, along with sites protecting your valuables. On the off chance this isn’t the case (or you plan to keep the pod nearby), consider whether you need additional locks and/or alarm systems.

4 – Pricing

No doubt, considering cost is important when looking at portable storage units. Most businesses have plans for renting a unit on a monthly basis. Others may charge per unit. The bottom line, though, is selecting an option which best suits your needs.

An organization, for instance, may prefer an option which provides affordable rentals over long periods. Home owners or movers, though, will likely want options which charge the one time. It’s also good to factor how much you save against time typically spent on renting trucks, gas, and other travel necessities.

5 – Finalize Days

Our final tip is to select a good time to have your inventory collected and transported. Ideally, low traffic hours on non-busy days are optimal, letting you get your items faster. It also avoids any confusion about when to expect retrieval/delivery. 

Portable storage is a great option if you’re tired of traditional, static utility. Pods can get your inventory to and from locations with ease, managed by responsible teams, cutting down on time and cost associated with lengthy travel.

If you’d like to learn more about portable storage solutions, read more at Mobile Attic.