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Preparing for Storms Using Mobile Storage Pods

by Sep 1, 2020

Storm season is upon us, and much of the southeast will face down tropical storms for a portion of the year. Hurricanes are especially nasty around this time, putting people in danger. Additionally, protecting property – personal or for business – is a major concern. 

We discussed the benefits of mobile pods for pre and post storm, but, we’ll also touch on the benefits of using pods to prepare for a storm.


As you know, having a mobile storage container over a stationary one is extremely valuable. Coastal storms – even tropical ones – bring powerful winds and dangerous rain to even the safest areas. Flooding and damage are guaranteed, affecting locations caught in its path. Therefore, regular storage options are vulnerable when in the path of a seasonal storm.


  • Mobile pods are not stationary and can be moved to safer locations
  • Mobile pods are taken by expert crew in a timely fashion so long as they are within a pod’s service area
  • Pods are for everyone, home or business, suiting different needs
  • Pods have different sizes for different storage needs

Using mobile pods to prepare for storms

With those highlights in mind, Mobile Attic has a list of suggestions to take into account when preparing for storms, tropical or otherwise.


Ahead of time, it’s important to organize what you plan to place in storage. There are extra precautions when dealing with storms, because of the increased risk of water damage. Some prepare for this by sealing items away and putting them in weatherproof storage. However, if you’re using pods, you’ll want to sort what you plan to put in pods (as early as possible).

Plan your location

Remember, mobile pods can be taken to safe areas. Therefore, plan where you want them to go ahead of time. Pay special attention to weather reports to get an idea of where a storm’s centra path is. While there’s no fullproof way to avoid the storm’s path (beyond magically moving your inventory out of state), it can give you an idea of where a pod will be safer.

Pack things in weather resistant material

If you’re concerned about water damage, placing inventory in weather resistant (waterproof) material will further shield them. Even pods are susceptible flooding, since knowing the exacts of a tropical aren’t always possible.

It’s also worth considering what you’ll put in storage. We don’t recommend sensitive things like electronics or high value objects, if possible. Storage should be best used for additional protection and convenience, but you want to run on the assumption that a storm will damage anything in its path.

Preparing for storms and hurricanes boats numerous challenges, and unfortunately, property damage is guaranteed. Therefore, getting ready ahead of time can save your belongings. Additionally, using mobile pods to save time leaves you room to focus on getting with friends, family, and loved ones to safety.

If you’d like more information on mobile pods, you can contact Mobile Attic today for more information.