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Prepping For Holiday Storage

by Dec 20, 2018

It’s a wonderful time of year, isn’t it? A dazzle of lights, warm wishes, and decorations. Everyone is looking a little cheerier, consumed by both holiday spirits and rampant consumerism. But as we furnish our homes with tinsel and ornaments, there’s something easy to overlook: storage. Specifically, holiday storage.

Here’s a question: how long does it take you to unpack all of your decorations? Never mind the fact you likely just put away your Thanksgiving themed décor. If the answer is longer than an hour then oof, we feel your pain.

The thing about the holidays, December, and Christmas, is everyone wants to go big. It’s suppose to be the top-off to the year, where you make dreams come true. Part of this is capturing the mysticism of the month, drenching homes in delightful lights and inflated Santa statues. But it’s a lot, and it’s something we convenient gloss over when the start of the month begins.

Let’s not gloss over the fact you have to put it away once all is said and done. The bigger you go, the more work you have to do. Depending on the space of your home, this is a time consuming, draining, even dangerous task. Hey, those tangled lights are no joke!

So, what can you do to alleviate some of those holiday storage concerns? As always, Mobile Attic strives for convenience, and storage pods are a potential solution.

Think of a traditional storage scenario: up in the attic where it’s dark and hard to get to, or, downstairs in the basement. Both of these involve a lot of literal steps, lifting heavy boxes of your favorite décor. It’s not fun, and nobody likes the idea of slipping with an entire package in their arms. But, what if you could store all this in one accessible location? Even better, what if the storage could come to you?

That’s the platform Mobile Attic works on. You can get your Christmas-themed ornaments transferred to a secure pod, without lifting a finger. Even better, said ornaments are protected from various intrusions brought on throughout the year like humidity, mold, and pest damage. Nothing dampens the holiday than, well, damp stockings.

But it’s the post-holiday which really wraps things up in a tidy bundle. Not only can you get your décor transported to you but stored away for safety. This helps if your home has limited space for bulkier items, or otherwise makes putting things away too much a hassle. With boxes and clutter out of the way, you improve home safety and make the holidays easier to enjoy.

Around December, it’s important to focus on family, happiness, and joy. Not so much the “unpacking extremely heavy objects for the week.” This year, make things easier and consider a mobile storage pod. Your future self will thank you.


-Douglas James