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Pro Tips for Foul-Weather Moving

by Apr 27, 2018

April showers and all that jazz. No matter the reason, you find yourself in a situation where you must move, but several hundred gallons of that pesky rain make the job a bit more difficult. Moving is a big headache; moving during the rainy season qualifies as a hardcore water sport (on par with log rolling, except with back pain from lifting boxes for a week). You may be a veteran mover who welcomes the challenge, but for the other 99.99999%, Mobile Attic wants to give you a friendly, hydrophobic hand.

In seriousness, rainy moving can be a dangerous game. With the correct precautions (and the right mindset), you can brave this metaphorical storm in your life and emerge on the other side: in May with flowers benefitting from the same stuff that made you slip down the porch stairs. Find that adorable, oversized yellow hat and jacket and break out your weather-person-directed grumbles. Mobile Attic is here to help with a few tips that will keep you safe during the rainy season!

Loading up in the Rain!

Just to get the big question out of the way: I recommend our containers here because they’re rigorously. Tested like an honors student gearing up for the SAT, but for leaks instead of reading comprehension. Check that box off; The container is great to hold your belongings, but what about getting them there?

The cardboard boxes may be a concern at first, but that stuff is strong. They would use it as a cheap building material if someone could find a way to insulate it. Moving the boxes quickly (but not too quickly) from house to container won’t be a problem, at least for the structural integrity of the box. Just don’t let the cardboard soak. If you are concerned about the edges, apply some duct tape (the brand with the duck if you’re really feeling the water theme).

Clothing can be grouped together and covered in a garbage bag. Take the ties and secure them on the collected mass of clothes hanger hooks. This is a quick way not only to sort your clothing but to keep them dry. As a rule, it may be a good idea to invest in some plastic to put over random objects/inside boxes, just to be safe.

Prepping Yourself for the Rain!

The rain can get you feeling gloomy and lethargic. First step is to shake off that feeling (otherwise this is going to be a slow and painful task). Make something big out of the experience: brew some coffee and pair it with a fitting creamer or order some pizza and reward yourself with a movie at the halfway point. It is your job to make sure your team remains in high spirits, so the job can get done.

Everyone should be dressed for the occasion. You could dress like a fishing boat deckhand, but a simple pair of grippy sneakers will be helpful. Rainboots or all-weather sneakers are best, especially if you’ll be moving across different surface types. To reduce the risk of slipping, you may want to create an assembly line: have everyone stand together all the way to the portable storage container, passing the boxes along to reduce movement. If someone showed up in a heavy coat (or if they don’t mind the rain as much), ask if they would stand outside. Teamwork will go a long way in eliminating potential fractures.

Prepping the new place!

With the hard stuff out of the way, all you must do is to make some minor considerations at the new place. Nothing overwhelming, but a few small things here and there could go a long way in reducing your stress (and injury) levels. Place towels or rugs at the entrance so that you aren’t tracking mud or water through the house. This will also keep you from slipping as you unload your portable storage container. When you are concerned about your things, it can be easy to fall into carelessness. Don’t forget to look out for yourself: watch where you step and make sure to take breaks to change your socks.

Don’t believe the superstition about moving in foul weather. Mobile Attic knows that your move is what you make of it, and we are more than happy to help with the process, rain or shine!