Your Quick Guide to the Memorial Day Weekend

by May 25, 2018

Memorial Day, while sobering, has the unique power to bring us together through tragedy and remembrance. It is a chance for us to show our appreciation to those who change our communities through valor and honor displayed on the world stage. What better way to do this than indulging in all things American?

In this hectic time of heat, rain, and moving, Mobile Attic wants to remind you to kick of your shoes occasionally: Memorial Day is the perfect time for that baseball game, barbecue, or down-to-earth gathering. The moments when you relax with friends and family are just as important as the times you work and move forward with your goals. This is a time to reflect on not just our past as a nation, but on ourselves.

Once and a while, everyone loves a little get-together on a long weekend.  Mobile Attic is here to help with a simple list that’ll help you plan the ultimate Memorial Day weekend experience.



The US Department of Veterans Affairs and Time both give a good outline on the history of Memorial Day. From rather obscure origins, South Carolinians like to boast that Charleston is the birthplace of this holiday (and I am absolutely inclined to agree).  New York and Georgia also claim a stake in the creation of the holiday, though observations like Memorial Day existed in Ancient Greece.

Our modern observance has firm roots in the Civil War, as a bloodied nation grieved after the tremendous loss in the late 19th century. In the year 1968, the holiday donned the name “Memorial Day” after a century of unofficial celebration under “Decoration Day.” The tradition, in one form or the other, has wide-spread, deep roots. How do these celebrations manifest today?


The beauty of Memorial Day is that it’s deeply personal, so they ways you can observe the holiday are as unique as you. You can go all out and plan a neighborhood-wide bake-a-thon (with gallons of red, white, and blue icing). For a more conventional time, make friends with the neighbor or relative with a nice grill/patio set up. More than likely they’ll be cranking out burgers and hot dogs this weekend. If you have the courage and resolution to hold a barbecue yourself, don’t forget the jalapenos poppers.

Looking for an option that won’t hurt your wallet? Plan a simple picnic with the family or take a trip to the beach (judging by the crowds, most everyone has this idea). Get even more creative with it and host a movie night outside. Hang a sheet, rent a projector (or make one with your smartphone and a shoebox). Even if you just want to watch a movie and reflect by yourself; Memorial Day is a personal holiday and you should observe it the way you like.


Suggested Memorial Day Recipes?

Sweet Restaurant Slaw – Just a classic side dish that will bring on an air of familiarity and freshness.

Ozark’s Potato Salad – Another entry on the safe, but powerful recipe list. How could you go wrong?

Chef John’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken – This reminds me of my mother’s personal recipe and, if you’re from the south, you’re bound to agree.

Fresh Southern Peach Cobbler – Want to win popularity points and have everyone love you? Make a peach cobbler.

Of course, have a safe and responsible Memorial Day weekend. Mobile Attic will be closed in observance of the holiday, but we wish all of our South Carolinian movers the best.