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Rest easy on your summer vacation with mobile storage pods

by Jul 21, 2023

Rest easy on your summer vacation with mobile storage pods


If you’ve been itching to plan a summer vacation, then we’ve got you covered. Summer temperatures means seeking cooler tides, and popular choices are beaches or coastal states. But, you don’t just have to go to a beach! South Carolina, our lovely home state, has a wide range of things to do, see, and explore if you’re looking for a summer escape this year.

But we also wanted to touch on a common stressor when vacationing: security and safety. Depending on how long your trip will be, you no doubt have concerns regarding your home. Is there a risk of genuine theft or break in? What if you want to store valuable outside items – like gardening equipment, tools, or inventory that otherwise can’t be stowed indoors? When considering these factors, suddenly your dream vacation has turned into a fit of anxiety and worry. Rather than relaxing, you’re spending time concerned about home instead of enjoying time off.

Well, there’s good news. Escaping the worries of home means placing your valuables in protected storage.

Using mobile storage pods for vacation and travel

Securing your home is important, but what about things you want to store? In fact, what if you’d prefer to keep your valuables in a different location? That’s doubly so for small businesses and companies that may briefly close for vacation or other reasons.

That’s where mobile storage units come into play. Think of it like a garage that comes to you. Mobile pods are delivered by expert crews at a location of choice, sporting different sizes for varying needs. They’re commonly used for businesses that have extraneous storage needs. However, they’re handy for protecting personal property too, especially during holiday times!

Think of this way: you’re planning a big summer trip to South Carolina, and to see everything, you’re thinking of staying for two weeks, maybe more! But when you’re gone, thinking about what goes on home is, again, worrisome. Some consider getting house sitters or asking their neighbors to “keep an eye out,” but frankly, not everyone has that luxury. More so, that doesn’t solve the problem of external property. But as we’ve said, mobile pods can provide a safe area while you’re away.

You might have initially considered some form of rental storage. However, said rentals – like public storage – typically require at least a month of initial service. Combined with the rental fee, some have upfront deposits too. For a brief getaway, you’re suddenly mixed into an extra complication you didn’t really want. And, it requires travelling back and forth between locations. Depending on the area, that adds up time and gas – something you already have to budget for.

The nice thing about mobile storage pods is they arrive where you want. You don’t need to pay for a pricey rental truck or deal with the complications of traffic (or handling the moving truck itself). You can have them in your yard, behind a fenced area, or on your property – wherever is convenient. Once in place, the pods are perfect for protecting your belongings. Their size can fit a variety of objects, and you can stow away containers without worry of damage or theft. Additionally, mobile pods can protect inventory from intense summer heat, so you can rest easy without concern of heat or direct light damage.

While your personal belongings are safe within a pod, you can rest easy while on vacation. If you’re uncertain about your own property, services (like Mobile Attic) typically store mobile pods at their respective location, leaving your belongings in a designated safe area.

Visiting South Carolina without worry

Now that you’ve got a solution to your concerns at home, it’s time to plan a summer vacation. South Carolina is Mobile Attic’s home state, and there’s a lot to do and see. From friend adventures to family outings, you can find a little something for everyone. 

South Carolina has lots of historical landmarks and various parks to visit. The beach scene is robust and towns are busy with nightlife, for eating, theater, and the arts. However, what you want out of SC is entirely up to you, and we’ll pass along some suggestions if you’re thinking of visiting the state! Considering some of the ideal vistas, like Riverfront Park or Myrtle Beach. You can check in beautiful hotels and, if you’re looking to splurge, try out some of the finest restaurants in all of South Carolina like Halls Chophouse.

But, before you dive into what South Carolina has to offer, we’ve also got a few tips to make your summer vacation that much better.

Set a budget

We understand – while there’s a lot of great things to see in SC, money is tight. Costs are higher and if you’re getting away for the summer, the last thing you want is to sweat cash. So, set a reasonable budget. Including food, travel, and whether you’re lodging somewhere. If you can, add a little extra to it as a buffer in case of unexpected emergences or expenses.

Plan ahead

Give yourself as much time as possible to plan. A few weeks to a month is good, because it lets you plan for as many outcomes. You can also get a great idea of what you want to do, and that allows you to budget.

Keep the important stuff

Have your chargers handy, make sure you’re ready to go on necessary supplies, like medical prescriptions. The last thing you want is to run around last minute getting the essentials!

Power off, lock up

After you’ve stored things away, lock all your doors. Switch off power where you don’t need it so you save on bills. Don’t worry, if you’re using a mobile storage pod, you’re items will be safe.

We hope you have a wonderful summer. If you want to learn more about storage pods, you can contact Mobile Attic today.