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Rev up your tailgate with Portable Storage

by Nov 11, 2021

Rev Up Your Tailgate with Portable Storage


Football season is in full swing, and with it comes autumn games and weekend ventures. For some, though, it’s all about putting on the best tailgate to support their team (or have an excuse to get together with friends). While the usual tailgate involves cars, you can think outside the box – literally – by taking advantage of mobile pods.

That might not sound like the intended use for a storage unit, but if you get a little creative, they can be used for football events too. The key is to take advantage of space, which a mobile pod provides. 

Why use a mobile pod?

Expenses, travel, and time are the three keys to mobile pods. That is to say, the advantage used over traditional solutions. Considering a tailgate party involves all three, the benefits outweigh the costs quite fast.

For instance, a mobile pod can arrive at a designated location, transported by professionals so you can focus on enjoying the game and atmosphere. Secondly, a mobile pod can also be transported with equipment and supplies. Don’t have the space for chairs, grills, and sports paraphenilia? Not a problem, load it in the unit and have it sent to your location of choice!

Because you won’t transport the inventory yourself, you also save on gas and time. You can maximize focus on parking and the logistics of your tailgate without worrying about the rest. Time is saved too, since you don’t have to travel back and forth from points.

Mobile pods for tailgate supplies

The whole point of a tailgate is to enjoy company, cook good food, and have some drinks while you wait for the game to start. But setup can be a hassle, so a mobile pod creates an area of accessibility so you can get to the good stuff, faster.

Think of it this way: a mobile pod can store chairs, grills and whatever else for immediate use. You won’t have to struggle getting these items out of a car. And, you spare yourself the need for a larger vehicle or trailer. When you’re done, all the items can go straight back into the pod without any excessive mess or need for cleanup.

Worried about space? The great thing about pods too is they have multiple sizes, suiting different needs. You can get a tailgate set up not just for yourself, but friends and family as well. As long as the pod is in a designated location, it can be used as needed. Pods are also made of stainless steel, so you won’t need to worry about your supplies getting lost or damaged. 

Additionally, you can bring along things you wouldn’t normally be able to. Fanfare and decorations, more grilling supplies, extra seats – you name it! The extra space provided by a mobile pod lets you rev up your game.

So, if you’re planning a big tailgate this year, think of a mobile storage unit to think even bigger. For more info, you can contact Mobile Attic.