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Safely Storing Electronics in Storage Containers

by Jul 9, 2020

When you think of mobile storage containers, you imagine them for different inventory like furniture, boxes, and even mechanical equipment. But mobile storage pods are also accessible options for electronics and electronic devices. 

However, the key is making sure to store them properly. As you know, electronics are sensitive to different environmental factors. If you’re short on space or simply need a mobile pod for electronics, Mobile Attic has a quick guide on how to store them safely.

Use static-free packing material

If temperature isn’t a concern, the next step is making sure to store electronic items in packing material that is static resistant. That is to say, material that doesn’t build an electric charge. Static can irreversibly harm many electronic devices like computer systems (and its related parts), so have it on hand. you can typically find them from suppliers for each device.

Avoid storing with heavy objects

Most electronic devices are light, but even so, you should be aware of weight limitations. Never store lightweight or sensitive electronics on top of each other, as this can cause unintended damage. Additionally, objects stored close together can generate additional heat which – as you know – is something to avoid.

Store electronics securely

Given that you’re storing electronics in a mobile pod, you may decide to move them when convenient. But, moving is another potential for damage. If storage is not secure in transition, damage can occur during movement when electronics bump or shift. 

You can do this by storing items in boxes and strapping them down. But extra care must be taken even when doing so. Electronic devices stored too tightly or improperly can also lead to damage.

Label and organize

Finally, organizing electronics by labels will help you know where and how to store them carefully. Electronics should be stored by weight and type so as not to cause unintended damage. It will also let you know what to store appropriate in what part of the mobile storage container.

With these tips you’ll be able to take advantage of mobile storage pods for storing electronic devices and inventory. 

Still have questions about how mobile pods can help you with electronic storage? You can contact Mobile Attic today for additional information.