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Searing Summer Weather and Portable Storage

by Jun 24, 2022

Searing Summer Weather and Portable Storage

Beating the heat when summer finally arrives isn’t just about convenience, it’s safety. With record highs happening nearly every year, staying cool in any way you can is very important. Humidity also presents a serious health risk for children and the elderly since it greatly increases the risk of heat stroke. 

Portable storage units play a small, but important role in both moving around and keeping cool during the hot season. 

Staying out of the sunlight

The obvious benefit is such: avoiding the sun. During the hottest time of day – noon – the sun is at its peak and the time you want to avoid being outside. Barring that, reducing time in extreme heat conditions is what a portable unit helps with. You spend less time loading and moving with mobile units, regardless of your need. Are you transitioning to a new home? Expanding storage? Shaking things up around your business? That’s where the mobile pod comes in handy.

You spend less time in the light, and as such, keep the heat off. You can also move mobile pods to locations which are not in direct heat, like under shaded areas. 

Mobile Storage Benefits

Remember, mobile pods offer a range of benefits not found with traditional options. For instance, a regular storage unit isn’t cooled, so if you have sensitive property/equipment, they could sustain damage from heat. The mobile unit, however, can be moved, as mentioned. 

  • Gas prices are a huge burden with inflation/rising costs, but pods cut down by reducing travel time
  • Less time in the sun reducing sunlight exposure
  • Saves on time so you can better plan to move items during less hot periods of the day
  • Inexpensive and flexible plans

Staying cool for the summer

Even with portable storage pods from Mobile Attic, keeping yourself cool during the hot summer season is a challenge. Again, it’s also a serious health risk. Extended time in the sun can cause complications like sunburn (which increases the chance to get skin cancer) and lead to dehydration. Heat stroke is also a problem, so it pays to be cool.

 What can I do to keep cool in the heat?

  • Take frequent breaks if you work/play in the sun, and stay out of the sun during peak hours
  • Limit time in the sun and wear protective sunscreen (those with fair skin/freckles should be extra cautious)
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, before, during, and after sun time
  • Avoid going outside in extra humid conditions, which makes it harder for the body to sweat and remain cool
  • Keep an eye on weather reports for your local area and check for “heat alerts” if relevant

Even when moving, it’s important to remember all conditions to keep cool. You’ll avoid problems by utilizing storage pods as you transition to a new location, thanks to Mobile Attic’s expert services.

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