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Secure Lots for your Mobile Storage

by Aug 11, 2021

Secure Lots for your Mobile Storage


A major concern for anyone regarding personal property is security. Whether as a business or home owner, it’s understandable to be weary of theft and damage. Valuable items that aren’t secured can sometimes risk theft. In other cases, unsecured inventory could be damaged based on various factors, like weather conditions or pests. Even ignoring those factors, peace of mind is still well worth having your belongings in a secure area.

That’s the advantage of mobile pods and something they bring to the table: control and security, on top of the typical benefits you possess with mobile storage units.

What do we mean by control? Remember that a mobile pod can be directed to your location of choice so long as its within the service area. So for instance, if you wanted Mobile Attic to deliver a pod to load up, said pod could then be transferred to a secure location. In our example, Mobile Attic has their own secure area for mobile storage if you lack the space yourself (or want someone else to handle the security aspect).

The control, though, is the ability to direct when and where the pod goes. In a traditional storage scenario, you don’t get that. While you have a set location, there’s a lot of wasted time (and money) when transporting personal items to and from a storage unit. Depending on where that storage is, you could also encounter things like traffic, bad weather, and even have accessibility issues.

As for security, Mobile Attic offers protection not only with its durable pods but its own monitoring. All pods are contained in secure areas, monitored, and available for you to access at at wide-rage of hours. While the idea behind mobile pods is to have them nearby for convenient access, sometimes that’s not practical (or possible). For instance, you’re a business transporting inventory to a new location but have concerns with car traffic. Or, you’re moving to a home complex or apartment and can’t have the pod arrive at your location. It’s also possible you simply don’t have the means to protect the pod in a secure area as desired.

While pods are easy to lockup, it’s completely understandable to desire peace of mind. Mobile Attic has monitoring and all the necessary means to safeguard property. It’s a double whammy, because keep in mind, it’s in our best interest to keep our pods safe too! Not to mention, the security and safety of your belongings is our top priority.

Lastly, consider the advantages you get when you store mobile pods with us in our secure locations. Not only peace of mind, but you clear space for yourself. Maybe you’re doing some serious cleaning or home renovations. Maybe restocking a business, or other large projects. But whatever the case, when you have essentials (or otherwise) kept safe with a trusted enterprise, it makes tasks that much easier.

So if you’re concerned about storage security, think mobile pods!

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