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Security Tips for Your Storage Unit

by Jan 16, 2020

Are you considering external storage options to free up space at your home or business? If so, you’re likely thinking about security, too. How do you keep things safe from weather, pests, and theft? Unlike traditional storage options, where you store items – such as in a pod – will vary. If it’s not at a secure location, then there’s a range of factors to consider. Mobile Attic has a few tips for maintaining secure external storage.

1 – Select a Secure Site

If available, the fastest way to ensure good storage security is by selecting a site that has installed security options, usually a fenced area. It’s common with businesses or on selected rental properties. Or, you can find your own desired location which has security options.

2 – Invest in Security Tools

If it wasn’t obvious, having various security features will deter theft and other problems from damaging or stealing your storage. Padlocks are a must if your pods are left in unfenced areas. You may also consider investing in alarms and monitoring equipment. Often, the presence of these will thwart most from trying to take what’s valuable.

3 – Store Items

When considering protection, know that thieves are looking to steal equipment and inventory with as little noise and hassle as possible. Therefore, consider locking your valuables in additional heavy storage units within the pods. If it’s too difficult to move without the assistance of a machine (and imagine how complicated that scenario is for a thief) then you’ve won half the battle. 

4 – Take Note of Climate

While you’re thinking about locks, don’t forget about other factors which can damage your items. Weather and climate are factors, especially with humidity, heat, and cold. Are your items weather sensitive? Ask the question, because not all pods are climate controlled (in most cases not at all). 

Even if your external storage is in safe place, different climate can affect more sensitive items when put away.

5 – Protect Against Pests

Whether insect or otherwise, pests are eager to get into your valuables if it suits them, especially if climate is a factor. Extreme temperatures mean pests will seek warmer or cooler environs, and cluttered interiors make for great hiding spaces. So, the last thing you want is to open a pod and find your items damaged by invasive pests.

6 – Organize

Protection isn’t just about thwarting thieves, it’s also safety and organization. To reduce pest problems and risk to yourself (or others), make sure your pods are organized for storage. This not only makes it easy to store and remove things as necessary, but reduces places vermin may choose to nest.

External storage is a good option for those who don’t want traditional storage methods, or, cannot use them because it’s impractical. However, even when using mobile pods, always make sure to double check your security methods to protect precious inventory, especially as a business.

For more information about how using portable storage pods can help you, contact Mobile Attic today.