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Spring Cleaning for the 2020 Season

by Mar 26, 2020

It’s that wonderful pollen-y time of year again! You know what that means? Spring cleaning! In fact, now is perhaps one of the better times to maintain a nice home. If you’re concerned about the COVID-19 virus especially, keeping your living space as clean as possible can help (or just reduce risk of getting sick in general). If you’ve just moved, you’ll want to consider doing some extra cleaning too. 

1 – Make a list of areas you don’t normally clean

This is a prime opportunity to think and list out areas of your living space you don’t actually get to clean very often. This could be cracks and crevices in the kitchen, shelves, even dust buildup on fans. It’s easy to do some general cleaning with a vacuum and mop, but what about areas that are harder to reach? Take this opportunity to finally go after the scum that’s been hiding out where you don’t usually see it.

2 – Check and replace filters

Dust builds up over wintertime so this is a good opportunity to exchange filters of your AC/Heating unit. You should also take note of any other filters (like the drier) and change those out too, if necessary.

3 – Thoroughly clean bathroom and kitchen

It goes without saying, but pay attention to these areas specifically. Surfaces, floors, toilets, sinks, and so on. These are all hotbeds for bacteria and other places, a fast way to get yourself sick if left unclean. It’s also counterproductive to try and cook meals when everything is dirty.

Take extra steps to clean by wiping down cabinets, the refrigerator, freezer, shelves, and anywhere else you don’t often clean. Remember: extra food debris – even crumbs – attracts pests (like roaches).

4 – Use steam cleaners for carpets 

While you clean, you’re probably planning on using plenty of chemicals to get the job done. While they have a role, in excess these are dangerous containments and you should reduce exposure to them as often as possible. It’s also easier on the environment.

Solution? Try a steam cleaner. This uses – as you expect – steam, with no chemical additives found.

5 – Toss the clutter

Clutter is important to get rid of, and typically means whatever objects are around the house you don’t need. Debris, boxes, things you’re no longer using all quantify clutter. Either pack it away or toss it out. Clutter gives pests homes and just gives your living space a messier overall look.

Keep in mind it’s a good idea to plan out your routine and set aside spring cleaning over multiple days. It’s not recommended to handle it all at once and, again, avoid exposure toe chemicals as often as possible.

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