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Staying Cool in South Carolina

by Aug 16, 2019

Mobile Attic loves travelers and new residents from all over, especially if you’re joining our family here in South Carolina! Whether you’re passing through or staying permanently, you’ve likely noticed one thing: the heat! Unlike other states, SC has a consistent temperature, and the coldest days get no lower than 50. For some, this is great, for others, beating the heat is a trial! So, if you’re looking to stay cool year-round, we have a few helpful tips for you.

1 – Stay Hydrated
One of the most essential things one must do in any hot weather. If it wasn’t obvious, always stay hydrated while in South Carolina. Keep a bottle of water handy, especially if you plan to be out and about for most of the day. SC is all about outdoor activities, but it’s easy to forget hydration.

2 – Sunscreen
You want to stay cool, and so does your skin! Never doubt the power – and harm – of the sun. Even exposure for an hour can cause sunburn without proper protection, so it’s crucial to shield yourself with the right sunscreen. South Carolina isn’t just a hot state, it’s a sunny state, and you don’t want problems because of overexposure. No matter what you’re doing, always have sunscreen handy, you never know when you might need it.

3 – Protective Clothes
It might sound odd to wear longer clothes during sunny days – wouldn’t that retain heat, you ask? In fact, long protective clothing shields against sunlight and keeps your body cool, along with guarding you against excess sunlight. Just like with sunscreen, you want to avoid overexposure to sunlight. It’s also a good idea to wear long grim hats to protect your eyes, nose, face, and neck.

4 – Take Breaks
Regardless of what you have planned, take breaks from the heat. Lawn care, playtime, or physical exercise are great for health, but too much time in the sun leaves you overheated and potentially dehydrated. Cooling down is essential, so be sure to find shade or go indoors when you can. There’s no reason to push yourself too hard – you don’t want to get heat sick!

5 – Avoid Hot Hours
At 11 AM to 2 PM, the sun is at its strongest, directly over you when outside. It’s especially intense because the sun’s position tends to remove shadows, leaving you no spots to cool down. So, if you really want to head outside, trying to avoid going out at these times. If you do, limit the time you’re out there.

There are all sorts of other things you can do, like eating popsicles, trying certain spicy foods (yes, they help), and even setting aside your bedsheets in the fridge. But these tips will help you survive the South Carolina weather. Even the best of us get too hot under the collar, so practice safety first! If you’re interested in moving to our little hotspot, you can contact Mobile Attic for more information.

-Douglas James