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Staying Warm in the Autumn Season

by Oct 22, 2019

As another scorching summer passes us by, it’s time to prepare for fall. Days are colder, greyer, and wetter. The sun goes away at earlier times and the leaves turn. It’s peaceful for some, dreary for others. But one fact is the same: things get colder.

As you face down another fall season, you might wonder about staying warm without maxing out the heat bill. 

1 – Use Your Ceiling Fan

That’s right, that multi bladed flan in your ceiling isn’t just for show, and not just for cooling. Normally, warm air remains in your room and home, rising to the top. A ceiling fan (set to the lowest settings) helps circulate that.

2 – Invest in Space Heaters

If turning on the air to heat the whole apartment or house has you sweating the electric bill, consider a space heater. They’re much smaller and heat a single room, which is great if that’s all you need. Of course, be careful where you place them and make sure they’re not near any dry or flammable material.

3 – Try a Programmable Thermostat

If you really want to get control of your temperature settings and heat usage, a controllable thermostat is a potential option. Available from different vendors and suited for a variety of needs, controllable thermostats do as they sound: allowing you to schedule the rise and decline of temperature during certain periods of day.

If you have trouble remembering when to do what or just want to schedule things from the convenience of your smartphone, they’re a budget saving option. 

4 – Blankets and More Blankets

Feeling chilly? Another simple, straightforward solution is to toss on the blankets. Get as many layers as you want and pile them on at night. If it’s really, nothing wrong with a few pajamas too, right? This’ll save you money since you won’t need to keep the heat running constantly.

5 – Clothes, Warm Food, Hot Drinks

When in doubt, start with yourself. Put on extra clothes like long sleeves, eat some warm food, and try hot drinks like tea. Keeping your internal temperature higher will help you stay warm even in the coldest conditions, so prioritize yourself before trying our other tips.

Not so bad right? The autumn season is fun, sure, and there are plenty of people looking forward to the transition of hot muggy weather to cooler days. But, the cold can still be unpleasant, and add to those pesky power bills!

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