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Stress-Free Holiday Moving

by Dec 20, 2017

The brain can only hold so much conscious information at any point in time. Around the holidays, that hard drive space is dedicated to the long naughty and nice list you’ve crafted over 2017. So much brainpower was consumed staying away from scheduling conflicts you may start to believe that shelf-dwelling elf is a sinister North Pole spy. Though many of us enjoy the season, the holidays are hectic. Throw a move on top of everything, and you have a recipe for misremembered activities and nonexistent gifts. It can feel like, at a moment’s notice, Christmas will fall into disarray. The lights and garland leaving you behind to face the new year without participating in secret Santa. At least you look better than the goof that didn’t stick to the $10 minimum. The key is to stay cool and collected, like the assorted PEZ dispensers of a polar bear. This will go a long way helping those around you feel calmer. You will embody the spirit of Santa Claus. Now take these tips and go into your holiday move with confidence!

Don’t lose track of the bills!

Moving seems to create this odd bubble in time. All the stress, planning, and organizing exists in this bubble, as does every moment you spent packing and loading up the container. Outside of this bubble, presumably, is the real life with costs and stresses all its own. Isolated here, you may fall into the habit of forgetting about all the normal stuff (Best Buy has enough money, right?). The minor bills may not seem pressing comparatively, but they still exist. This is, in a way, a call for mindfulness. Step outside of the bubble and realize that there are things that need to be accomplished, though they may not be as imposing as the holiday and the upcoming move.

Tell your family and friends!

It may be a no brainer, but make sure everyone close to you knows the address that you are moving to. Imagine the new residents, in their festive sweat paints, green and red t-shirts, checking the mail to find some bizarre Christmas card from your sister, who you totally get, but everyone else happens to find insane. You may even want to consider throwing a small holiday bash (with sugar cookies and Christmas music, of course) so that everyone can get familiar with your new place. It will brighten your spirits and make the new place feel like home.

Check out your new community!

One of my favorite traditions growing up was getting into the back of my dad’s pickup truck and riding around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. There was a certain pride that came with decorating your house, knowing that inspired motorists and pedestrians will gaze in wonder at your hard work and outstanding electric bill. You can use this as an opportunity to explore the new neighborhood, without arousing suspicion (plus, you can get a look at the competition for next year!)

Leave a little something for the new home owners!

Nothing drastic or irresponsible (like leaving the storage container in their driveway), but maybe a small gift and some candy to help them with the holiday spirit. These people are in the same situation you are and are, most likely, experiencing similar stresses. A minor gift could go a long way in creating that kindred spirit we all want to feel around the holidays. Have some compassion and understanding for your fellow man and help them to establish their home.

As always, the Mobile Attic is here to help you maintain a level head through the holiday season. We offer convenient storage during, quite possibly, one of the most important moments of your life. From the drivers to the office staff and the rest of the Mobile Attic family, we want to wish you a big Happy Holidays’!