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Stuck Inside This Summer? Try These Activities

by Jul 21, 2020

We’ve talked before about indoor activities, but now more than ever is a good time to pick up some indoor hobbies. For many, health reasons are keeping them indoors for extended periods. Even if not, summer weather can be hot and intense depending on where you live, so yet again more reason to stay inside an air-conditioned room.

There are plenty of things to try indoors. Mobile Attic has a few suggestions to pass the time during summer, especially if you have to stay inside.

Discover family ancestry

If you have nothing but spare time, consider learning about your family ancestry! Where did you come from? What relatives did you have? What did they do? Generations go back thousands of years, so consider looking it up!

Plenty of resources – free and paid – exist to help, so all you need is a little information about yourself and the internet.

Read summer-themed books

Reading is never a bad idea. If you have access to the internet, there are thousands of stories and works at your disposal, for free. But this season, think of reading books involving the summer season. That could involve special events that happen during the summer season. Or, heck, learn about how humans learned to cope with heat before air conditioning.

Learn a new skill or hobby

Now’s the perfect time to put those extra hours to good use. Learning a new hobby and/or skill, such as a craft, is both entertaining and education. Just as well, you might find something enjoyable that you didn’t before!

Hobbies can range from reading about specific tidbits of history or taking/learning a craft. And speaking of. . .

Try freelancing gigs

Want to make money while staying inside? No doubt! Unless your company offered remote working options, likely you might be on the prowl for extra work. 

So what can you do? Options are plentiful. This is an opportunity to try your hand at a new skill or do something you’re experienced with. For example, you could translate audio to text, take up entry level coding, customer service, or various other opportunities!

Organize your living space

It wouldn’t be a Mobile Attic article if we didn’t recommend something related to organization. Specifically, your living space! Home, apartment, doesn’t matter – it’s always good to catch up and get things sorted out. You can do it one room at a time or simply toss out some clutter. Whatever you decide, though, no time like the present to take advantage of.

Dig through that media backlog

Here’s one that’s the definition of a lazy Sunday afternoon: getting through a backlog of movies or shows you’ve been wanting to watch for a long time. Or, any kind of media. But, you’ve got the time, so why not relax this summer?

Hopefully these give you some activity ideas while you’re indoors for the summer. If you’d like assistance with organization, decluttering, and organization, you can also consider mobile pods for assistance.

For more information, you can contact Mobile Attic today.