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Summer DIY with Mobile Pods

by Jul 25, 2023

Summer DIY with Mobile Pods

A summer do-it-yourself project is a great way to transform the season from another year into a memorable one. Nothing quite satisfies like planning and accomplishing a personal project, no matter the size or scope. Whether you’re starting a small garden, art project, or even planning renovations, there is an idea out there for everyone. 

But before you grab supplies and rush out to the next big idea, let’s account for a few things. The first is you are not alone, you have a secret weapon: mobile storage pods. A portable storage unit can make a world of difference when planning any large-scale summer project. That’s especially true for DIY ideas, as you have less resources at your disposal. 

However, let’s do a quick rundown on the essentials of starting a DIY summer project.

Plan, plan, and plan!

No project comes to fruition without good planning. Depending on the size and scope of your DIY project, this could take a few minutes or several days. Whether that’s a frontal renovation of your house or business, or a simple art project, you want to have an idea of what you’re doing.

Planning is simple, and only involves a few things:

  • Your desired spending budget, filled with estimated costs and expenses
  • Supplies, where relevant, allowing you to correctly set a budget
  • The general goal of your DIY project (example: I want to build an outdoor picnic table)
  • Estimated days and times you will have to work on your project

Other things should be considered. Will this project take place outside, or indoors? Will you need a lot of space? And, what kind of clutter/debris will the project create?

Also consider who the activity is for. Is this a solo endeavor or something with the family? Will kids be involved, or adults? Once you have those tidbits figured out, you can move forward.

If planning an outdoor DIY project

Sunshine is nice, but summertime can be harmful to your skin in health if you don’t take correct precautions. Remember to wear sunscreen and avoid the hottest times of the day, around the afternoon. These times tend to have the highest UV index and can cause sunburn and skin damage. Also, beware of humidity and take frequent breaks. You can put yourself at risk of heat stroke without proper hydration and cool off periods. It sounds annoying, but better safe than sorry!

What kind of summer DIY projects can I do?

The only limit to summer projects is imagination, budget, and space. But you don’t need to think big to find something enjoyable.

You can, for example, repaint and refurbish furniture. Neighbors or stores that sell older/used furniture are perfect for finding mini-projects to completely renovate. Painting is also a relaxing and entertaining hobby, allowing you to put a personal touch. You can keep costs low by acquiring something used, and redo it to fit your personal preferences. Some even sell refurbished items!

Truthfully, covering all the potential summer ideas would take up too much time in our article. However, if you’re planning on smaller DIY projects, one rule of thumb is to think about the season. Take advantage of concepts that can be used outdoors. Or, use the outdoors as part of you project. For example, if you’re visiting the beach, why not put some of the sand in the bottle or start a seashell collection?

How can I use mobile storage pods for DIY projects?

While planning and getting ideas for summer projects is fun, you do have to consider practical elements. Namely, space – or how much you have available to you. Projects that deal with renovations or involve large scale changes will create clutter and debris. Furthermore, you may need additional supplies for the project. Let’s say you plan to build a backyard treehouse or shed. Do you have space for lumber and inventory? 

If not, don’t fret, that’s exactly where mobile storage pods come in. Think of it like a garage that can come to you!

How does a mobile storage pod work?

As the name implies, the storage unit is a transportable space. It’s driven by professional crews to a designated location. Once there, it can be used for virtually any storage need – all you need to do is assure the inventory in question can fit in the pod. Mobile storage units come in different sizes too. Mobile Attic, for example, offers 3 sizes for varying needs.

So, imagine you need additional space for supplies, or you need somewhere to put clutter and debris while you work on your DIY summer project. The mobile storage pod provides a convenient unit to do so. That means you can keep clutter out of your home, making the project’s process that much easier.

It’s handy for things like room renovations too, allowing you to move material and inventory in between spaces. If you lack a garage, cellar, or other storage space, a mobile pod is a perfect alternative.

Should I be worried about costs?

As mentioned, planning is everything. Naturally, getting an estimate for costs is part of that – so when the prospect of using a mobile pod comes up, it’s normal to worry about expenses. Consider a few things, however. If using a traditional option (public rental units), you’ll be required to pay rental fees and in some cases a deposit. You will also need to make trips between the storage unit, cutting into available time and increasing your travel costs.

Furthermore, a DIY project in the summer isn’t always long term! You may only need space for several days or a week. Traditional public storage have requirements, needing at least a month of commitment. With mobile pods, you can use them for as long or brief as necessary. When you have finished with their use, the same professional crews will retrieve the pod.

So, whatever you plan, remember that mobile storage pods are available. For more information, you can contact Mobile Attic today.