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Summer is back, make it better with a mobile pod!

by Jun 8, 2021

Summer is back, make it better with a mobile pod!


Well over a year ago the world was facing down the problems of a pandemic. And while today COVID-19 is something to continue to remain serious about, vaccinations and caution have allowed people to return to a bit of normalcy. The great news is that for many, gatherings can resume. Even better, holidays and summertime are right around the corner. So, if you’re ready to enjoy the summer season outdoors, even better news, mobile pods can make it better.

Mobile pods act as transportable storage units. That means you can better plan activities for families, friends, and kids. How so? We’ll explain with a few ideas!

For instance, what about camping in the yard? You could get really creative and try a pod for camping, but for now we’ll stick to basics. Mobile pods offer lots of storage space which means you can bring out plenty of supplies and inventory for an improvised camping session.

But that’s only one idea, let’s think a little bigger. Maybe you have a get together planned with friends and/or family and want to set up a day of activities for kids. Again, a mobile pod offers lots of space to “rotate” things out of it. These items can be used for activities, whatever you have in mind. In a way, it’s like having a personal carnival. You may not think of it necessary, but consider it from another angle: imagine the footwork you cut down on by keeping things in a pod. If you have party supplies or similar in your house, basement, or storage space, you have to get them back and forth which gets pretty taxing after a while. A mobile pod cuts down on that menial legwork!

It also makes cleanup after events that much easier. If you’re planning something for kids, then you know how dirty things can get. A mobile pod not only acts a temporary storage space for small-to-large items, but a convenient spot to keep trash out of the way. That way, when it’s time for cleanup, you’ve got everything in one convenient spot. More so if you’re planning an event that’s off your home property, such as a park or camping (provided you are allowed to have a mobile pod transported there).

You can also count on storage pods to cut down on cost regarding gas and travel. Remember, mobile pods come to you at your designated location so long as it’s within a service area. Therefore, you won’t have to make repeated trips back and forth from wherever you’re planning a summer activity.

These benefits also extend to businesses or organizations that wish to plan a summer event! You can organize efficiently by using mobile pods, among other benefits. If you’re ready to enjoy summer in a brand-new way, mobile pods are for you!

For more information about how mobile pods can help you plan summer events, contact Mobile Attic today.