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Take the Sting Out of Moving/Packing!

by May 11, 2018

I’m not sure I want to meet the person who thinks packing is the fun or exciting part of a relocation adventure. If life came with a montage button, this would be one of the moments you press the living snot out of the thing. Unfortunately, the science here is in its early stages. Fortunately, though, Mobile Attic is here to make the process much smoother. Packing still stinks, but at least we can pull out the pain a bit. Our lucky decedents will have limitless robot helpers that can assist with boxing and unboxing. For those of us living in the here and now, I have compiled a few interesting ideas that will help put a bit of grease on that packing wheel of fun!

Set up that packing playlist!

With streaming services all over the place, I’m sure you have a collection of songs that get you motivated; in the mood to do the icky things life puts on your shoulders. My first suggestion is to open Spotify or Apple Music and start loading up the Mobile Attic Jamfest 2018 playlist (working title).  Do this before you start the heavy lifting, otherwise you may lose interest as energy stores drop. The weeks before your move you can slowly add songs until you have a booming library. A collection of tracks that you can play as you pack. I recommend something with a heavy bass drop to bring the house down (though you may want to look elsewhere; you are trying to sell it after all).

Use this time to eat a ton of take out!

If the music wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping, this next paragraph will do the trick. You are a creature of packing; nothing exists outside of the items you need to pack, and the semi-sturdy cardboard you’ll be loading those things into. Cooking, sleeping, breathing –all relics of a past that you only remember through echoes. All that sheer will and motivation will burn a lot of energy, so what are you going to eat?

I know it goes against the idea of self-improvement, but this is the perfect opportunity to justifiably ‘cheat’ on your diet: dishware is packed away, you haven’t had a chance to go to the store. You’re in the clear. It can be a hassle trying to cook with all your stuff packed up. Plus, I am all for any situation that lets me eat Chinese food every night with minimal social criticism.

Throw a packing party!

Need the perfect way to make the mountains of cardboard disappear? What about a way to gather some cheap, motivated labor to execute your careful moving plans? By Plugging that smartphone into your stereo with the packing playlist and setting out the obligatory cracker and cheese ensemble. Round it out with a pizza or heat-lamp-sustained fried chicken and you have the foundation for a great going-away/packing party. Invite some of your closest friends to see you off; share one last memory before you relocate. As a bonus, you may be able to pass off the refreshments (and your great company) as compensation for the effort!

Set up an indoor campsite!

This tip is geared toward the children, but it can certainly be enjoyed by adults as well! Just wait to pack up the blankets and cushions so that you can create an indoor tent in the wide-open space that is your nearly cleared-out home. Hit up that music streaming app one more time (with the nature sounds playlist on shuffle) and you have the perfect set up for an indoor night of camping! Bring in a big container of sweet and sour chicken as the spoils from the night’s hunt (I wasn’t kidding about the every night thing). The promise of this activity could put the kids on their best behavior and will also motivate them to do some packing alongside the grown-ups.

Packing and moving certainly isn’t a trip to Carowinds, but with a few tweaks it can be as much fun as Six Flags probably. Buff out those inconveniences and stresses by using the Mobile Attic and you are setting yourself up for a simple move!