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Take your tailgate to a new level with Mobile Attic

by Oct 3, 2023

Take your tailgate to a new level with mobile storage pods

Mobile storage offers numerous conveniences when you think outside the box. So, when you think “tailgating” or “football season,” a mobile unit is probably the last thing on your mind! But with a little creativity, you can use mobile storage pods and take your tailgating parties and events to the next level.

Tailgating can be an exciting activity for your favorite sport (commonly football), allowing you to immerse yourself in gameday spirit while also serving up some tasty food. There’s a lot of ways to go about it, but it’s important to do it the right way.

How do you do it the right way? Well, that all depends. It also depends on how you use a mobile storage pod. It might sound uncanny, but having additional space grants you all the assets you need to pull off an outing everyone will remember. Since tailgates are normally done near a stadium, your best asset is planning. 

It’s not the most fun part of the process, but you’ll be glad you accounted for every little detail before the big game. Without planning, your tailgate can turn south, fast, so figure out things accordingly.

We’ll briefly give you a few tips for making your tailgate party a great one, while offering mobile pods as a supportive option.

Tailgate Essentials

Generally, the big reason for tailgates is to enjoy awesome food made yourself, along with other comforts you otherwise don’t get when at the stadium. So, many of the key essentials relate to food. Your favorite snacks, things that are easy to cook, supplies, equipment, and enough for guests/friends.

You also need to know what you intend to cook (if at all). We recommend things that are simple, such as with a pot or transportable fryer/surface. For example, some like their homemade chili because it’s easy, plenty of leftovers, and you can toss as many ingredients as you want into the pot. Some also grill, but that’s something you’ll need to cleanup later.

And that’s another factor to consider: the cleanup. Will your choice of food/drinks create a lot of debris? Remember, you’re responsible for the leftovers, and it’s a good idea to show courtesy. Nobody appreciates messy tailgates. The supplies you bring also need to be easily packed up, so if you bring the essentials, you’ll have less work to do when it’s time to head home. 

Supplies and what you’ll need

What you should take with you largely depends on, again, food. But you also want to consider personal items, weather, what you’ll relax on, and what you will cover your area with. Most tailgates involve the footballs season, so it’s recommended to bring enough warm clothing, a few extra blankets, and gloves if necessary.

The rest can be figured out based on a few extra details. Headcount, time-of-stay, and how much food/drinks should all be part of your tailgating strategy. The better you account for these details, no matter how small, the more fun you’re sure to have!

Take account of some other things too:

  • Read up on the stadium’s policy for tailgates and locations, some have spots you can reserve and some have areas specifically for tailgates
  • Make sure you plan a proper leave time so you’re not stuck in traffic/have adequate time to pack up
  • Communicate with your guests to let them know where you’ll plan to be
  • Get a reservation ahead of time, a majority of stadiums require this
  • Know where restroom facilities area
  • Have trash bags on hand to cleanup debris/litter/old food
  • Have a properly sized tent/canopy for the event

Remember, a good plan is everything. Once you get all the details down, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying the game, food, and friendly company. 

Using mobile pods

Now that you’ve got some basics covered, how can you use mobile pods for tailgating? Think of them like an extra space that can come to you. You can schedule a mobile pod to arrive before a tailgating event and store everything in said space exclusively for your entertainment plan(s).

If there’s a large-scale event and you’ve got approval/multiple parties involved for a tailgate, a storage unit is an excellent way to access supplies in one convenient setting. If a mobile storage pod can be delivered to an available area, you can get your storage straight from the unit instead of traditional options.

Note: you will need approval before doing this, so plan accordingly.

However, a mobile pod isn’t limited to just one tailgate. How nice would it be to have all your supplies (non-food related) in one convenient spot? Versus, say, cluttering your home interior or stored in areas that are hard to access?

Mobile pods don’t have a single use. They can be as rented for as long as necessary. So, if you’re looking to plan multiple tailgates, you can use a storage unit for as long as needed. The best part is, you’ll save on extra costs associated with traditional storage options.

With regular options (public storage), the customer needs to drive back and forth. Depending on the tailgating supplies in question, this can take multiple trips. And, more trips means more gas. If you tailgate frequently, this adds up, and fast, as you’re already investing in the supplies needed for the event(s). With higher food prices, it’s ideal to not turn your afternoon of fun into a venture costing several hundred dollars.

You don’t need to collect the pod, either, or use specialized equipment/trucks. Instead, the provider (like Mobile Attic) will deliver the mobile pod to your location of choice. They can also transport the unit to a different service location – potentially the area you’re planning the tailgate party. This is in contrast with traditional options, which usually require a deposit, have rental requirements, and offer limited storage capacity options.

So, if you want to take your tailgating party to the next level without worrying over supplies, food, and cleanup, think of mobile storage pods!

If interested, you can contact Mobile Attic for additional information.