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The Advantages of Moving With Portable Storage Containers

by Jan 15, 2021

Moving can be quite a scary thing for most people. In all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to fear that you might leave some valuable thing behind or that you had some unfinished business that you forgot to take care of in the place you are moving from.  Fears regarding how your new life will compare to your old one and how your kids(if you have them) will react to the big change are quite common as well. There are just so many uncertainties when it comes to moving.  Another nerve racking fear that many people have about moving is how they are going to manage to pick up the pieces of their old life and take them to their new one. How can they safely transport their belongings to their new home?

That’s where The Mobile Attic comes in.


We provide one of a kind weather resistant storage containers that make the moving process a whole lot easier for you and your family. 


Instead of going through all the hassle of using traditional movers or a rental truck where your planning and decisions are limited by a wide variety of constraints, using portable storage pods allows you to play an active role in strategically determining where each of your items will be placed so that the unloading process is much easier.  Portable containers also have the added advantage of being yours for a longer amount of time than say a rental truck is. This allows you to truly take the time to decide when and where you want to place your belongings in your new home. This is especially helpful when you do not have a specific house in mind when you move or when you are unsure about which of your furniture you will keep and which of it you will replace. 


Choosing Mobile Attic provides you with a nice cushion of time that other moving services do not. This makes them absolutely essential for people who prefer to take a smart, slower, and more calculated approach to the moving process. Containers help to eliminate the hurry and worry of moving.  And instead of having all of your belongings seemingly randomly scattered between one or more trucks, using containers allows for more organization as you are the one who determines how much space you will have in each container, how many things should be placed in each container, and how many containers you will bring with you to your new destination. 

Mobile Attic also allows you to spread out the deliveries of each container so that when you begin unpacking, you will have more time to focus on moving individual items before having to worry about the rest of them. This approach allows for incrementation in moving and is very systematic in nature. 


Another critical application of containers is their ease of use for kids who are or will be in college in the near future. There are plenty of instances where one might have a lot of free time to pack and get ready to move their belongings into a container say, over the summer, but come fall when most students are preparing to head off to school, the amount of time they have to get their belongings prepared is severely limited. 

Short or Long Term Solution

Containers allow you to store belongings for a prolonged period of time so that when they need to be sent off to college, they will be completely ready for you. Gone are the days when you had to choose between waiting till the moving deadline and risking running out of time to pack and taking on the challenge of using up valuable space at home while waiting on that deadline. If you were to not use containers this is what would happen. 


Containers provide a cushion of flexibility that other moving methods do not. This cushion, greatly complimented by the ease of working with the staff at The Mobile Attic makes moving with containers a clearly superior choice.