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The Advantages of Portable Storage

by Sep 26, 2023

The Advantages of Portable Storage

Are you considering external storage but don’t know where to start? Mobile Attic is the answer. People seek external storage options when they lack enough space for personal inventory. Or, they need the extra space for a move. In other scenarios, a business needs extra storage for a host of different reasons. Regardless, portable storage options fit any of those requirements seamlessly, whereas tradition options don’t everyone’s needs.

Mobile Attic is committed to bringing you the best service, we’ll break down the pros and cons.

You get as much space as you need

Traditional storage options are leased units found at a single, stationary business. For reservation reasons, most businesses only allow you to rent one, so you have limited capacity. But if you need more? Out of luck.

Not so much with portable units in which you can rent as many as needed. They also have different sizes fitting a variety of needs, which can benefit companies with larger storage demands.

It’s accessible

You don’t need to hoof it across town with cargo to get to a storage unit. Instead, a mobile pod is just that: mobile. So long as the storage unit is within a designated service area, you can get them sent to your place of choice.

Versus traditional options which have limited hours of operation, this is a better alternative.

It saves on time, gas, and money

Renting specials exist for those that need mobile units, often providing deals for businesses, military, and even elderly. But the savings don’t stop there.

Remember that with a traditional storage option, you have to drive back and forth whenever you stow away inventory. This cuts into gas and time, and over a period, this adds up. And, if you’re a small business using mobile storage  for excess inventory and/or organization, you’ll want to save on every dollar.

All the benefits at your doorstep

We’ve talked a lot about the mobile factor. That’s because it’s true: in a service area, professional staff will transfer your mobile unit of choice to and from locations. Indeed, if you need inventory moved to a different area, mobile pods are there for you.

That also means you don’t need any extra equipment – staff will take care of the rest.

Safer and sanitary

One major benefit to end on regarding mobile storage units is the safety aspect. COVID-19 has introduced numerous complications and hurdles, requiring people to social distance. Storage units can assist with organization, aid with storing medical supplies, suit a variety of purposes, and ultimately reduce exposure to others (you can go directly to a pod instead of visiting a business, for instance).

If you’re moving, need extra space, want more storage for your business inventory, or need an extra storage unit, considering taking advantage of a mobile pod today.

You can learn more information by contacting Mobile Attic.