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The Amazing Wildlife of South Carolina

by Sep 12, 2019


Mobile Attic doesn’t just love SC for its breathtaking scenery and enchanting vistas, it’s also our love of nature and the amazing wildlife found everywhere. There’s a lot to appreciate, and we wanted to share some of our favorite fauna with you, along with selections which are quite unique to the state of South Carolina.

The State Animals

Like other states, South Carolina has selections representing its famous animal life from a variety of species.

The Whitetail Deer

Deer, a common mammal found throughout the southeast, is a friendly visitor found just about anywhere in the state, including parks. If you’re out for a hike, chances are you’ll happen upon a deer at some point.

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Often found near the coast, this protected species captures the eye as one of South Carolina’s local turtles and famous oceanic life. Loggerheads can grow to enormous size of up to 200 pounds and often travel great distances to lay their eggs. If you see one, it’s a rare treat!

The Carolina Wolf Spider

Do giant spiders tickle your fancy? We imagine not. But that doesn’t mean the Carolina Wolf Spider is any less impressive. It’s a large arachnid and the biggest wolf spider in North America. These unique, massive arachnids hunt down their prey by chasing it down, instead of using webs to catch it. It doesn’t mean they travel in groups though (and what a frightening thing that would be to see).

The Bowhead Whale

South Carolina is privy to many whale species, but the Bowhead Whale is special for its interesting shape. Like other whales their body is of darkish color and they’re immense inside, many times the size of a regular human. If you’re out sailing, you might be lucky to see one off South Carolina’s coast. They’re a protected species as they were early whaling targets before the practice was outlawed.

How should I approach wildlife?

We’ve only listed a handful of species but there are dozens more amazing animals out there, from fleetful foxes to mysterious owls. However, as amazing as these creatures are, it’s important to respect their space as wild animals, along with their natural habitat. Some of the species are endangered, so it’s important not to disturb their environment. 

Animals will generally avoid human contact, but take precautions if some are demonstrating unusually passive or friendly behavior (especially in the absence of food). This could imply rabies, disease, or other problems. Just as well, a frightened animal can become an aggressive animal, so for your personal safety, admire from afar!

For the most part, you won’t have to worry about any dangerous encounters. However, if you’re going on a trail, near the coast, or dense wooded areas, just keep those tips in mind. But, as you do, don’t forget to stop and enjoy all the amazing creatures dwelling in parts of South Carolina. You’ll see why we love them as much as we love talking about them!