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The Best Snacks for a Move

by Aug 31, 2018

Nothing brings out the snack fiend quite like a long road trip. I myself often reach for a box of cheese crackers when looking down a long mile stretch. It makes sense, right? Since you can’t get out and eat whenever, having something to satiate the munchies only seems natural.

The thing is, standard convenience store snacks aren’t exactly filling, healthy, or good for long term. Yeah, a bag of Doritos grants a little rush, especially chased down with your favorite soda. But overall, it’s not the best and might cause you to crash. During a move, you don’t want to feel tired and crabby.

To remedy this, I have a few snacks of choice which taste good and are good for you.

Proteins and Cheeses

A quick and easy way to get some energy into your system is protein. Often this is found in meats and cheese, depending on the kind. You can grab snack packs from your local grocers, but I recommend making your own if you can.

Thin cuts of pork or chicken work great for meat, and cutting up quality cheese found at a deli can offer both flavor and energy.

Water, water, and more water

Stay hydrated! You should do this in general. But on a long journey – especially during a move – that’s easier said than done. If you plan to do some sweaty, heavy lifting, then I emphasize this even more.

A nice bottle of cold water is super refreshing, and keeps your body going. Far better than a soda or pre-made “coffee,” you won’t need to worry about crashes either. If you need some nutrients back, Powerade or Gatorade are okay, but only if you plan for strenuous activity.

Coffee or Tea

I know, I just went on a ramble about avoiding unhealthy caffeine. However, natural sources like tea or coffee you made are far better. These can keep you going and won’t load you up on empty calories and sugars like you get from a Mountain Dew.

Yogurt Cups

A good way to get an injection of digestion-friendly food is a yogurt cup. Mix in some fruit, nuts, raisins, or whatever else you want for a healthy meal. This can help sate sugar cravings too, and while on long drives, will help keep your guts from “rumbling.”


A vegetable spread goes well on just about anything, especially homemade. If you’ve got a hankering for chips and salsa, give hummus a try instead. You can make it yourself or pick it up at your local grocer. This can add some extra flavor to your “go snacks” while you move, and adds just one more helping of nutrients for those lift heavy days.

A tasty snack is hard to beat, but when it’s time to transition into a new place, consider better alternatives. Your body will need all the energy it can get for a big day – mental and physical – so these snack choices will keep you going even in the worst of it.


-Douglas James